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What You Might Have Missed: The Best Domain Stories

By James Iles, Nov 29, 2017
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    News reports and features from domain industry blogs are so frequent that it is often easy to miss some stories. Today, we're going to recap some of the articles from the NamePros blog that you may have missed over the past few months. These hand-picked articles range from important news updates to interviews and data pieces that we have chosen to highlight.

    The Story of an Accidental Domainer

    After registering back in 1997, David Kammerer used the domain name as a hobby site to host guitar tabs. Having received many offers to buy the domain name in recent years, David ultimately sold the domain for a five-figure fee, starting his journey into domain name investing.

    10 Great Domains Owned by Microsoft

    Here, we profile ten of the best domain names owned by the tech giant, Microsoft. The domain names include some incredible one-word .COM's and one of the best most well known three-letter acronyms. This popular mini-series has also explored domain names owned by Amazon, Google and Facebook in recent months.

    Reink Media Confirms the Acquisition of

    Reink Media are no strangers to acquiring premium domain names. Having already purchased for $185,000 and for $150,000, the company confirmed to NamePros that they acquired in their largest acquisition by far.

    Aron Meystedt Sells and

    In August, domain investor and owner of investments confirmed that he sold two highly sought after domains from his portfolio. and likely sold for a combined seven-figure sum. It may come as no surprise to learn that was acquired by a Chinese domain investor.

    Ultra-Premium Returns to Original Owner

    We recently announced the sale of the domain name to a Blockchain development company called Monkey Capital. The deal, worth a total of $500,000 in cash and cryptocurrency, was paid in instalments via

    Unfortunately, it was revealed that the buyer defaulted on the deal. However, we were able to secure a fascinating interview with the original owner of to see what makes a domain deal compelling to the owner of an ultra-premium name.

    Domain Data: Analyzing Uniregistry's $17.2 Million in Sales

    At the end of September, popular domain marketplace Uniregistry released data on domain name sales totalling $17.2 million. In a special edition of our Domain Data series, we explored the data behind the sales to see what we could discover.

    Expert Exchange: What's Your Average Sales Price?

    In the summer, we concluded our first Expert Exchange series by asking a panel of assorted industry leaders to reveal their average sales price for the past twelve months. There are some fascinating revelations including Frank Schilling's disclosure of his $14,000 average sales price.

    John Rampton Acquires

    Thanks to DomainIQ, we were able to discover that serial-entrepreneur John Rampton acquired the domain name from World Media Group, a company that owns a portfolio full of leading premium domain names including, and
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    Thanks, James for keeping us informed and entertained!
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    Best story is one guys in Scotland I got Martin into domains. he registered casino type domains and gun domains. One first sales was selling a casino domain to some casino in USA. The casino offered him not cash but $50,000 to spend online on there website. Martin took up the offer of $50,000 after all the domain was $10.00 reg.

    Two weeks later I asks martin how did you get own with selling the domain. It cost me $14,000 not only did spend $50K they gave me also spend $14,000 own money. To make it worse the owner of the casino called me up laughing down the phone saying thanks very much for the domain and the $14,000. He then said I would have spend $100,000 on the name as he puts the phone down.

    Now you would think this was end of the story nope it gets better. 1 year later Martin checks the domain and discovers its about to drop. Guess who got the domain back yes Martin got the domain back then called the owner. said Guess who has your domain and here is the price its going to cost you this time take cash.

    Yes the owner did buy the domain for 6 times more than cost first time round. this to has to be one best domain storys out.
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