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5 Great Domain Names Owned by Amazon

By James Iles, Nov 13, 2017
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    In just over twenty years, e-commerce and tech company Amazon has revolutionised online shopping, becoming the world’s largest Internet company in the process. With over a quarter of a million employees and a market cap of over $329 billion, the company has exceeded the expectations of many people and possibly even those of founder Jeff Bezos.

    Whilst Amazon expands into future advances in TV production, groceries and even drone delivery, the company still owns and maintains a portfolio of tens of thousands of domains. Thanks to DomainIQ’s portfolio exploration functionalities, we have picked out five great domain names in Amazon’s portfolio, which we will profile for you below.

    Quidsi owned and operated domains such as or, but the company was acquired by Amazon in 2010 for a price of $540 million. The Quidsi network, which also included and, continued to operate and acquired the domain in 2011. The name was acquired for $400,000 and soon became the home of an e-commerce store, part of the Quidsi network.

    Earlier this year, Amazon announced that it was shutting down the Quidsi network of websites. currently redirects to Amazon’s main web page. is one of the hundred oldest domain names in existence, with a registration date of April 23rd, 1987. So how did Amazon come to own this name? The answer again is Quidsi, who launched a
    marketplace on the domain name after acquiring it in 2012. The site was billed as a destination for health foods and organic fare. In 2014, Quidsi relaunched the site using the domain, but as with and the rest of the Quidsi network, Amazon shut it down in early 2017. now redirects to Amazon’s homepage.

    In June 1999, Amazon acquired a company called for a reported $101 million in an all-stock deal. was a California-based transaction site previously known as Emptor Inc. This incredible one-word .COM domain was transferred into Amazon’s possession after the acquisition but was never used.

    Today, the domain doesn’t resolve at all.

    Around the same time of Amazon’s acquisition of, the company announced plans to buy, a Cambridge-based startup. offered users a marketplace for hard-to-find books, recordings and music memorabilia.

    This is another one-word domain name in Amazon’s portfolio that is sitting idle.

    Two-character domain names consisting of one letter and one number routinely sell for five and six-figure fees to domain name investors. With only five hundred and twenty two-character domains available, they’re a rare asset. One of these assets has been in the hands of Amazon since 2003.

    A9 is an Amazon company that manages product searches and advertising technology throughout Amazon’s website. The company purchased from a domain investor that also owned a portfolio keyword and numeric domains at the time. No sales price was ever disclosed.
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    Thanks for Sharing .
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    Hopefully the sellers of kept some of those stocks received in 1999, worth quite a bit more now :)
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    Wow domains!
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    The one guy that sold that network of domains ended up starting, also an awesome name and a huge ecom site.
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    Great info. Thanks
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