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John Rampton Acquires for a New Startup

By James Iles, Nov 17, 2017
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    Regular readers of the NamePros Blog may recognise the name John Rampton from our Inside Interview series in which he discussed his $130,000 purchase of via the platform. With thriving, it seems that John has turned his attention to a new project, Calendar.

    According to the home page, Calendar is "a dynamic calendar that helps you focus on what you need to do and assess whether those are in line with your priorities." This smart calendar with a built-in priority system and access to real-time data is in its alpha testing phase, with very little else known about the product.

    After acquiring earlier this year, John and his team created a website on the domain name in August 2017. However, it looks as though John struck a deal to use the incredible domain name recently, upgrading from

    The domain name was owned by World Media Group, who control an impressive portfolio of generic domain names including, and

    According to DomainIQ's WHOIS history tool, changed nameservers and went into WHOIS privacy protection at fairly recently.

    It's currently unknown whether John purchased the domain name outright, or whether the domain is being used in partnership with World Media Group. We have sent requests for information to both John and World Media Group with no response so far.

    If this is an outright purchase, it is likely to be a six-figure sale and would be one of the top sales on DNJournal this year. World Media Group rarely seem to sell their domain names, with the last publicly disclosed sale being to AOL/Verizon.
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  6. Bros

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    I love it when I see high quality domains put into proper use - gives credibility to the whole concept of domaining.
  7. Kingslayer

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    Nice name, what i like about this is if this was posted in the NamePros 'appraisal' section people would be like 'fantastic domain, but can see no end user use for it' and give an appraisal something like $10k-20k because of this.

    Just goes to show if you own a good generic single word (like calendar), it can be used to build a brand around in any industry.
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