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Top Topics: Your Plan for 2019; The Final Minutes of a $22,000 Auction...

By James Iles, Sep 8, 2018
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    In this week's Top Topics, we take a look at strategies for domain investing in 2019, a domainer asks about conversion rates in outbound sales, and a poll asks how many domains you own in your domain portfolio. Elsewhere, an investor shares a video of the last moments of their $22,000 auction win, and we see whether UK domain names have any investment potential.

    Your Outbound Sales Conversion Rate

    For many investors, outbound domain sales is one of the best methods of creating a fairly consistent revenue stream in order to continue to improve their own domain portfolios. However, conversion rates and success rates for outbound emails can be poor, depending on your sales skills.

    A new investor asks more experienced domainers to share their conversion rates for outbound domain sales.

    Topic by: @coinosis


    What's Your Plan?

    We have entered September, which means that we are almost into the final quarter of 2018. It's a good time to take stock of the year so far and to prepare for 2019. For domainers, that means creating or refining a strategy to either sell more names, acquire more worthwhile domains, or even develop some sites.

    In this discussion, a number of domainers are sharing their plans for 2019. It's an interesting read!

    Topic by: @DefinitelyDomains

    The Final Minutes of Our $22,000 Auction Win

    It isn't very often that we get an insight into the final stages of a five-figure domain auction, but we do here. In a video posted, this investor shares the final moments of a GoDaddy domain auction in which they bought for just under $22,000.

    The video, posted to the domainer's Twitter account, is a unique look at those nervous final moments before you know that you've won an auction!

    Topic by: @drewwash

    Should I Invest in UK Domains?

    The .CO.UK marketplace has a core base of active UK investors, some owning domain portfolios of several thousand of the best .CO.UK names around. However, according to NameBio, the largest sale of the year so far is for just $29,895.

    Is the UK domain marketplace one that should be considered by domainers as a viable investment? Domainers are weighing in with their opinions.

    Topic by: @Abhikrishna

    Poll: How Many Domains Do You Own?

    One of the best things about domain investing is that it is an accessible asset class, where domainers can own just a handful of domains or control a portfolio of thousands of names. In this poll, investors are asked to share the number of names in their portfolios.

    From the results so far, most investors seem to have a portfolio sized between 100 and 249 names.

    Topic by: @Softbay

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