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Top Topics: Which Trends Will Be Hot in 2018?; From $14 to $1,000 in Three Weeks...

By James Iles, Jan 12, 2018
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    According to DomainIQ, it looks like Media Options sold the one-word domain Impala.com recently. In a March 2017 edition of the DomainSherpa Review, it was revealed that the domain was acquired for $30,000. This 1994 domain has now been sold to Tempting Brands AG, a European company that "turns trademarks into brands". Congratulations to Media Options for this sale.

    Elsewhere, George Kirikos (@GeorgeK) reported that the two-letter domain JB.com was sold to China. According to WHOIS, the buyer is a client of (@GUTA), the brokerage company headed by George Hong (@gh). We have reached out to the parties involved in this deal to see whether we can shed any further light on the sale.

    Update: I have been told by one of the parties involved in the JB.com deal (originally revealed by @GeorgeK) that the domain was sold for a seven figure fee. Unfortunately the exact price will remain confidential.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    Which Trends Will Be Hot in 2018?

    With 2018 well and truly underway, it's natural for investors to speculate on the trends that may be successful in the coming twelve months. In 2017, the hottest trend was definitely cryptocurrency but what will 2018 bring?

    In this poll, investors are asked to share their thoughts on which trends are most likely to make money for investors in 2018.

    Topic by: @Irfan Shafi

    Do You Use an End User Agreement?

    After someone inquired about a name in this domainer's portfolio, an asking price of $5,000 was agreed upon. The investor is concerned about the future use of the name, which has resulted in asking the community about the possibility of using an end user agreement.

    This agreement would outline certain stipulations that the buyer must stick to in order to purchase the domain. Is something like this necessary? Have you ever used an end user agreement? Have your say in the discussion.

    Topic by: @MapleDots

    From $14 to $1,000 in Three Weeks

    For many investors, this is the perfect scenario. After buying a domain name on GoDaddy for just $14, this domainer revealed that just three weeks later they sold the domain name via Afternic for $1,000.

    Without using any outbound sales methods, the investor made a very healthy profit in just under a month. If you want to know the domain in question, it is listed in the discussion.

    Topic by: @Kazzia

    Can You Be a Successful Part-Time Domainer?

    Domain name investing can be an intense occupation. To be successful, you need to have time to find opportunities to make money within the industry. Whether that's buying, developing or even brokering.

    Is it possible to be a successful part-time domain investor? According to the discussion, "successful" would be defined as being profitable to the point that you can live off of your earnings. What do you think?

    Topic by: @WillW

    Four-Letter .COM's for $99?

    In 2015, four-letter .COM domains reached a peak of around $2,500 per domain for a "Chinese Premium (Chip)" domain name and several hundred dollars for non-Chip names. Since then, prices have fallen, but it looks as though some may be available at under $100.

    At just $99 each, a domain investor purchased "a few" four-letter .COM's at Sedo. This left the investor wondering whether the minimum price for four-letter domains is falling.

    Topic by: @gotasale

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    One small correction there....

    There was haggling and the client was the one giving me his final offer at $5000. I had not agreed to this price and wanted to consult the community because I did not feel the client was being honest with me. I had a sense that it was a larger firm pretending to be a small business entity.

    I did not feel the domain was necessarily worth more to the average small business but if it was going to be used by a big corporation then I would have insisted on at least five times as much.

    So the client claiming he is a small company am I in my right to insist the domain gets used for the purpose of a small company. If I have a suspicion I am being lied to then I have to bring up an agreement because if not I could be leaving about 20k on the table.

    This was the main issue I wanted to discuss. We live in a world where we license things all the time and if I were a tech company I would be charging for the number of licenses issued. If you buy my domain for use with ten email addresses and this is what you promise me during negotiations then this should be the case. Later I find out you are running 10,000 emails on the address I just sold for 5k instead of the 25k I should have gotten.

    I'm sorry if I have not explained it clearly enough but in my case I think an end user agreement can be a positive thing, especially if you want to by my domain name for a lower price.

    Read more here:
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    I have been told by one of the parties involved in the JB.com deal (originally revealed by @GeorgeK) that the domain was sold for a seven figure fee. Unfortunately the exact price will remain confidential.
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