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Top Topics: What's Your Opinion on the GoDaddy Logo?; Is This the 3L .COM Market Bottom?...

By James Iles, Jan 19, 2020
  1. In this week's Top Topics, there is intense debate about GoDaddy's new logo, and we discover what domain investors learned in 2019. Elsewhere, we see whether reading will maximize returns as a domain investor, and there is speculation that we have established a bottom for the three-letter .COM market.

    What's Your Opinion on the New GoDaddy Logo?

    One of the leading companies within the domain name industry is GoDaddy, so it's big news when they perform a rebrand. This week, GoDaddy unveiled a new logo that looks to empower entrepreneurs, according to their announcement.

    To say that the GoDaddy's new pretzel-esque logo has caused a reaction is an understatement. Every domain investor seems to have an opinion, which is why this is the most popular discussion of the week.

    Topic by: @equity78

    What Did You Learn in 2019?

    We've featured some 2019 discussions already this year, and this week we have another one. The question here is simple. What did you learn as a domainer in 2019?

    Domain investors have shared some lessons they've learned in 2019 that they can carry forward to 2020. You may find these insights interesting to you to help your own investment activities this year.

    Topic by: @PriyankaS

    Will Reading Maximize My Returns in Domaining?

    Something to consider here is the amount that you read about domain name investing. The proposition put forward in this discussion is that the best investors in any industry have gained their positions thanks to intensive research in their specific niche or industry.

    Improving your knowledge of a subject is likely to give you more insights, more creativity, and possibly a different way of thinking. Can more knowledge make you a better domain investor?

    Topic by: @Arpit131

    Is This the Bottom Of the 3L .COM Market?

    The three-letter .COM market has been closely monitored by domain investors for several years, especially in light of the Chinese .COM boom of 2015, where mid-five-figure, three-letter .COM sales were commonplace. However, NameBio suggests that three-letter .COM sales have been trending downwards for a while.

    Have we established a bottom for the three-letter .COM market? According to @Rob Monster, he has seen an increase in inquiries for three-letter names this week, with a spike in closed transactions, too.

    Topic by: @Rob Monster

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    Thanks as always, for great summary James

    Last edited: Jan 19, 2020

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    Thanks for sharing
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    Thanks for sharing
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    Nice selection of topics @James Iles.

    Now after a few days the new GoDaddy logo is growing on me a bit, especially when small as in favicon.

    Glad you highlighted @PriyankaS thread on what people learned in 2019. Nice breadth of replies and hopefully your mention will generate more.

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    Thanks James for the roundup.
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