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By James Iles, May 18, 2019
  1. We recently wrote an updated "Top 10" domains article profiling the recent acquisitions of James Booth (@BoothDomains). One more name that could be added to that list is's recent purchase of, which was announced by James on social media this week. This monster name is the latest in a rapidly growing premium portfolio.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    Is It Time to Rethink the Radio Test?

    The radio test is something that has been a factor in domain valuations, in particular, for many years. The premise is that to pass the radio test, the domain should be easy to spell upon hearing it. The radio test name comes from hearing a domain name on the radio and typing it into your browser.

    In light of the recent $50,000 sale of, @Bob Hawkes has asked whether the radio test should be reevaluated. Do domain names need to be easy to spell, or are brands able to get more creative with spelling?

    Topic by: @Bob Hawkes

    Please Sell My Domain Back to Me

    Domain investors receive all types of inquiries on their domain names, with most being run of the mill offers to purchase the name. On this occasion, an investor received an inquiry for a four-letter .ORG name. The inquiry was accompanied by the words "I have had this domain name for almost 17 years but by mistake let it lapse a couple of months ago. Please sell it back to me!".

    There's just one problem. The investor has owned this domain for several years. What's the strangest inquiry story that you have?

    Topic by: @Silentptnr

    Report: I Sold

    Not all new gTLD names are suitable for building businesses on, but some can be attractive prospects to the right end user. In this discussion, an investor has reportedly brokered the sale of the premium .LOANS domain name,

    It looks like LLC is the buyer of this domain. Unfortunately, the sales price hasn't been revealed. It would be encouraging to other investors to know the sales price, assuming it isn't under an NDA.

    Topic by: @Alessandro Couteau Sold for $2,358 in 2009. What's It Worth Now?

    Almost ten years ago, the single-digit domain name sold for $2,358 on Sedo. A decade on, this discussion asks what it is worth today. Aside from, there has only been one other publicly-disclosed single-character .ORG sale, and that is

    The domain was sold by @Braden Pollock for $500,000. Braden still owns a number of single-character .ORG names such as, and Would the domain be worth six-figures in 2019? Some investors seem to think so.

    Topic by: @Shuttlepro

    May's Hand Registration Contest

    There have been several successful competitions run by domain investors, awarding cash prizes for the best hand registered domain name. This month sees a "Game of Thrones" style competition to find the best hand registered name of May 2019.

    The rules can be found in the discussion. Will you win this month's contest?

    Topic by: @cipcip

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  6. The Durfer

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    Awesome enveloping article, James. Ty.
  7. FolioTeam

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  8. VaneZhao

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    176 could be up to 7 figure to some Chinese domainers! howere, could be 6fingure for sure IMO.
  9. birdrock

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    I was the original registrant and owner of registered it in 1989 in fact, and held it until just recently when James reached out. Over the years I must have had 1000+ inquiries asking to buy the domain, but nobody was serious until James showed up.
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