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Game of Domains - May 2019 Hand Reg Contest - DOT COM only

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Welcome to the Game of Domains!!!

To continue the great work done before by @BrandCougar and since no one took initiative so far, I will host this contest for the month of May. (I know it is a little late, but it's ok, there is still half a month left)

This contest is inspired by the popular show of Game of Thrones.
The rules are pretty much the same as in the previous game, no big modifications, but since there is a smaller domain pool, I limited the entries per person to 5.

In Game of Thrones at the beginning, there were 9 Great Houses in Westeros:
  • Stark
  • Arryn
  • Baratheon
  • Tully
  • Greyjoy
  • Lannister
  • Tyrell
  • Martell
  • Targaryen
Each house would be one voting process and the winner of each house, would compete in the end for the grand prize.

Here are the rules of this month's May 2019 DOT COM HAND REG contest:

1. Hand registration during the current month of May 2019 (.COM only).

2. You may submit up to (5) .COM domains this month. (Each domain submitted must have its OWN Reply Post so we can track "Likes" individually per domain).

3. So if you want to submit (5) domains, submit FIVE separate Reply posts.

4. I am excluding myself from entering the contest, since I am facilitating the event!

5. Battle Rounds – Every 20 Consecutive Entries will compete in a Battle Round. Each Battle Round will last 48 hours. It is possible we may have multiple Battle Rounds competing simultaneously depending on submission volume. In the event of a tie during a Battle Round, we will provide a Hand-to-Hand combat round to finalize matters. A summary chart will be provided outlining which Battle Rounds are currently in play and which have been completed. For those completed, it will indicate the Champion.

6. Top 9 Finalist - will be selected the following way .---> (9) Battle Round Champions will move forward to the Top 9 Championship Match - a "Battle for Westeros" match up.

7. WINNER - the overall winner of the contest will be selected by your peers via a TOP 9 Championship Match containing the Top 9 Finalist mentioned above. The TOP 9 CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH will occur after month end. This match (poll) will be set to have a voting window of 72 hours.

8. 180 Entry Cap - to keep things simple, we are capping this contest at 180 Qualified Entries (9 Battle Rounds with 20 Entries in each round)

9. We welcome EVERYONE to participate in selecting the WINNER from the Top 9 Finalist list.

10. In the event of a tie during the Top 9 Championship Match, we will have a SUDDEN DEATH MATCH to declare a victor. All other domains will be cast away in a Sudden Death Match and only those that tied for 1st place will go head-to-head for victory! (a plan to avoid any misunderstand should a tie situation occur).

What do you win?
  • Number one, recognition here at Namepros.
  • I will personally pay $20 JACKPOT (via PayPal) to the WINNER. (seed money for the Jackpot). JACKPOT will be paid on 8th of June 2019.
  • Anyone willing to contribute $1 or $2 to the Jackpot - contact me via PM - and I will add your contribution on top of the $20 Jackpot that I have committed to (let's see how large a Jackpot we can build).

* Sponsors welcome. Send me a PM.

Calling all previous participants:

@1Darko @4better
@Angelo Thurman @AryanB
@autobot @awwalmb
@Axc @BabayS
@ben pedri @Bertrell
@blumutt @BrandableDomain
@BrandsOpen @cabotower
@Cannuck @capiche @cipcip @Corey @creataweb
@crodomainhub @Cypherpunk
@darrenc @Dave
@DefinitelyDomains @dexdn
@Dimitris @DomainBeam @Domaining Ocean
@Domains - Wanted @dorje

@dtagr @EbookLover
@efizi @elevator
@eNqyddn @Enwych
@ethereumaddress @Fadi H
@FeDomain @GinQt204
@Giroud @handpicked
@HappyW @Haroon Basha @Haykay2005
@headsupp @Hizzyjnr
@H Malsawmtluanga @hn
@hookbox @Hustling
@iGreen @imadoer
@Isibor Imieka @jamesall
@Jay Ha @Jevsim
@jmaurya @Joe Nichols
@Jonathan Beadle @Joseph CA
@joshr @J Sokol

@karmaco @Kpett
@L2 Media @Lagunaboy
@legendarynames @Leo_winner
@Leo Angelo @Lesson
@Levi_charlz @mani0307
@martbele @mistressbellek
@Mohammed Azheruddin @monktonk
@mrm_1 @MS-Domains
@NameLlama @NamePrime
@NameZest @Namulator
@Natto @Nikhil Jain
@nivadriver @okmachan
@Omar Ashraf @OnlineDomainShop

@Partha Borthakur @profile
@Puneet Malhotra @Radu054
@Ramesh Kumar G @ramkumaritrvs @rdom888
@Recons.Com @Rex73
@ROC Domains @rubencouto
@Shamiul Alam
@slkn @smartwebby
@stoneroses85 @SuperBrander
@Telodomains @ThatDomainGuy
@TheBestPlanet @tldboss
@UncleBrand @VijaiZ
@Vito @vravis9
@Want2learn @WillW
@wormfood @yjann
@Yusupbabay @Zameer24x7
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Arif M,
OK .. I'll add one to make it an even 20 domains for the first vote ...

Satisfaction Bureau // dot // com

Such massive potential with this domain .. really can't believe I got it at handreg! :)

Customer satisfaction is a huge business. This could be used in so many ways by multiple potential types of companies including:
- Secret shopping
- Product testing
- Beta testing
- Customer surveys
- Customer service outsourcing
- etc etc

Good luck to all in the contest and thanks to @cipcip for doing the May contest! :)
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