information Top Topics: TXT.com sold for $300k; Domain brokerage scams; How to save Epik; Afternic listings hijacked en masse; Sales of .XYZ domains analyzed

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Happy end of January and welcome to another edition of Top Topics here at NamePros.

The ultra premium domain TXT.com was sold for $300,000 dollars in a brokered deal; Domainers discuss their personal experience of being scammed by an unscrupulous domain broker; Investors using Epik are seeking a solution that'd save it from bankruptcy; Millions of domains on Afternic are listed without their owners' authorization, apparently; Analyzing .XYZ sales in an attempt to validate the claimed numbers.

Txt.com Sold For $300,000
Registered in 1990, TXT.com was parked for years with a "not for sale" landing page. According to NameBio, it was sold recently for a whopping $300,000 dollars. Domain investors discuss the potential use for the domain.

Topic by @silentg

Have you ever been scammed by a domain broker?
There are domain brokers and "domain brokers" - the latter kind often deal with a lack of transparency and ethics. Overcharging the buyer and giving less money to the seller appears to be a common trick. Join the discussion to share your personal experience with this unscrupulous practice.

Topic by @mr.mu

How to save Epik
Domain registrar Epik has been in hot waters since the end of last summer, failing to pay Masterbuck balances and brokerage commissions. Recent issues include failure to renew domains, some of which get expired and drop. This discussion is a rant of sorts about all the things that are going wrong at Epik and how to (possibly) fix them.

Topic by @topdom

Some people list millions of other people's domains on Afternic
Domain marketplace, Afternic, is apparently being overrun by accounts that list domains they don't own en masse. The listings create a problem for the legitimate owners of the domain names, which might not be for sale in the first place. GoDaddy-owned Afternic is now promising to look into these allegations and to provide a fix soon. Join the discussion to keep your own domains safe.

Topic by @70ym

Discuss [fake] .xyz sales & domains
Some domain investors remain skeptical about reported sales of .XYZ domains; the extension popular with the crypto/NFT crowds has taken some flak recently but there is no proof of wrong-doing. This discussion attempts to estimate the potential amount of "fake sales" that might involve .XYZ domain names

Topic by @Andreas B.

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Thanks for the summary. The lively discussions continue on some potential scams and marketplace vulnerabilities. Hopefully, we'll see some changes thanks to the awareness being given to some ongoing challenges in the domain industry.
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Thanks. Summarizing some of the most popular threads in a given week, in case you focused on another...popular thread B-)