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In this week's edition of Top Topics, we take a look at one investor's ten most recent domain sales and we ask is it now time to sell your four-letter .COM's? Elsewhere, a domainer is looking for examples of excellent landing pages and we feature an interesting poll asking you to reveal your own annual budget for buying domain names.

My 10 Most Recently Sold Domains

It’s thought that the majority of domain name sales are never reported. This could be due to non-disclosure agreements, or the fact that the seller simply doesn’t inform NameBio or DNJournal of the sales. It is, therefore, refreshing to see a domain investor reveal the domains they have sold.

Domainer @Fancy.domains shared ten recently sold domains, a list that includes seven new gTLD sales. The investor suggested that they will continue to invest in new domain extensions, saying: “Without the new gTLDs, my domaining would go (more or less) bankrupt.”

Topic by: @Fancy.domains

The Best Landing Page Example

In order to effectively sell a domain name, it’s often useful to display a landing page that notifies the visitor that the domain is for sale. Companies such as Uniregistry, Efty and Undeveloped all offer pre-built landing pages, but what is the best example of a domain’s landing page that you’ve come across?

In this discussion, domainers are posting their own sample landing pages as well as publishing links to great examples they have come across. If you’re looking to update your own landing pages, this may give you some inspiration.

Topic by: @Vlad Tarabasa

Is It Time to Sell Four-Letter .COM’s?

Since early 2015, prices of four-letter .COM’s have risen thanks to interest from Chinese investors. A typical Chinese Premium domain could cost around $2,500 by the end of 2015, but since then their value has slipped with most names now selling for around $1,000.

A domain investor has asked the community for their opinion on whether now is the best time to sell four-letter .COM’s. Naturally, there are many varying points of view on this subject.

Topic by: @rmg

What Is Your Annual Budget for Domain Names?

One of the most alluring things about the domain industry for new investors is that the barrier of entry is extremely low. For just $10 you can register a domain name to try and sell to someone else for a profit. Eventually, a new investor’s budget may rise with several successful sales.

Here, a poll has been created asking domainers to reveal their annual budget for purchasing domain names. As you might expect, voting so far is varied, with votes fairly evenly split across the eight categories.

Topic by: @atinc

Your Most Important Domaining Tool

A new domainer has asked the community to list the one domaining tool they cannot do without. The tool could be a piece of software or a service that you use on a daily basis to help with your domaining activities. There are many suggestions for the most important domaining tool including Estibot, ExpiredDomains.net, and NamePros.

Topic by: @Brandoo

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