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Welcome to December & the 2022 Holidays! It's time for this week's Top Topics column here at NamePros:

Super domainer Swetha's sales record came under scrutiny and the "shocking" results are in. Epik and its new CEO are trying to make amends but its Escrow services and Masterbucks token are not operating as expected. Which registrar would you trust your most valuable domain names with? Domain investors discuss their exit strategy from the industry. What can you do when a domain's operator and registrant does not seem to respond to abuse reports?

Swetha’s Sales – The Truth May Shock You!
Swetha's prolific record of exceptional .XYZ domain sales made some wonder about the legitimacy of these transactions on Afternic and Dan. Michael Sumner, CEO of NameBio, logged into Swetha's account, with her permission; the records look legitimate and her name should be cleared. Or is it? Some people cannot get convinced no matter what.

Topic by @FAC

Epik continues to dig out from financial mess
Popular domain registrar and escrow operator, Epik, appears to be in dire financial straits; its Masterbucks token cannot be exchanged currently and several domain investors that used its escrow services are unable to withdraw payments for their sales. The new CEO is apparently doing his best but there's a lot of things at stake. Join the discussion.

Topic by @franka46

Best company to store valuable domains
Domain investors want to go to sleep at night knowing their domains will be safe in their accounts in the morning. Some are more nervous than others, seeking a bulletproof domain registrar that maintains the best possible level of security. Join the discussion to share your view on which registrar is the absolute safest.

Topic by @digitalocean1

What is your exit strategy from domain investing?
We all joined the domain investing industry with plenty of hopes, expectations, and dreams, energized by the success of our peers. Sometimes things don't go as planned and market conditions, along with personal challenges, lead us to make a hard decision: exit the game. Domain investors discuss their exit strategy and how to survive the sales slump.

Topic by @BetoWH7

What to do when a registrant is unresponsive to abuse reports
The internet's open nature can lead to the listing of personal or derogatory information on web sites, outside the control of those involved. When such a web site operator does not respond to abuse reports, it's time for the person affected to reach out to the domain's registrar. Find out additional options by joining the discussion.

Topic by @DIFF

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