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Top Topics: Reaction to the $151,000 Sale; The July Domain Industry Report...

By James Iles, Aug 23, 2020
  1. If you are going to share details of a domain name sale, I’d urge you to disclose the domain name that was sold. There was an interesting discussion that was created over the weekend documenting a two-word .COM domain sale which occurred via Afternic.

    According to the discussion, it was a $21,000 sale, but so far the domain hasn’t been mentioned. Without the name, there is only so much that other investors can glean from the discussion. If you do feel like you have an interesting sales story to share with the community, including the domain name is a must, in my opinion.

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    Warning: The Fallacy and Trap

    This in-depth publication from domainer and operator of the weekly Domain Social, @Ategy, has been prompted by the efforts of the operators of the .VC domain extension to grab the coattails of the recent success of the likes of .CO and .IO within the startup community.

    This must-read article gives a stark warning to domain investors to essentially avoid jumping on the bandwagon of various promoted domain extensions, especially until you have conducted your own research. Would you agree with this stance?

    Topic by: @Ategy Sells for $151,000 at GoDaddy

    Six-figure domain sales happen regularly, far more regularly than it may appear by browsing NameBio or DNJournal’s records. Very few six-figure sales are every disclosed, but one that has been publicized is that of for $151,000.

    The name sold via GoDaddy Auctions, and has been reported as the largest sale at GoDaddy auctions to date. In this discussion, investors are invited to discuss exactly what makes a domain that is worth $151,000.

    Topic by: @Ace3coiner

    The Domain Industry Report, July 2020

    Popular domain name research company Dofo has compiled a domain industry report for July 2020. The report includes statistics such as the total number of domains registered in July, the top keywords used in registered domains, and even the top domain sales from July 2020.

    It can be helpful to domainers to read reports such as this, to give an idea of current or future trends as well as offering a handy overview of domain industry happenings in general.

    Topic by: @Macit

    Showcase Your Cognitive Domains

    In this week’s DNJournal sales roundup, it was reported that the domain sold for $300,000, which is being paid in instalments. It seems like “cognitive” keyword domains may be something that some investors may be looking to explore further, with cognitive technology reportedly being a popular niche.

    Here, domain investors who are acquiring “cognitive” keyword domain names are being invited to share their best domains in this showcase discussion.

    Topic by: @NickB

    The Curse of Owning This Domain

    This investor has an interesting dilemma. According to the discussion, this domainer owns a .BA domain with a popular keyword. After enabling a catch-all email inbox for the domain, it turns out that many emails to a top aviation company are going awry, and are ending up in this investor’s inbox.

    These emails contain sensitive information such as passport details. What is the best thing that this investor can do at this point?

    Topic by: @Amar D

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    Always welcome the opportunity to review the Top Topics and, you brought quite an interesting thread to my attention re the " curse of the domain" topic.

    Thanks James, always enjoy the Top Topics!
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    I think we'll always have cases where the domain name isn't mentioned post-sale. That's not always a bad thing. Could be NDA/contractual issue/buyer discretion or could be domain sold was outside of investor's normal niche/type. Some sales have to remain relatively anonymous.
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    thanks for share james
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