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Top Topics: NameFind Sells; Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals...

By James Iles, Nov 29, 2019
  1. It looks like GoDaddy's NameFind portfolio has sold the two-letter domain name According to DomainIQ, the deal took place in the past few weeks. The buyer of the name is Hostgator founder Brent Oxley, who has now added his second two-letter .COM name to his portfolio after reportedly acquiring for $1 million in late July to early August.

    The domain name has multiple potential meanings, including "Video Tape" and "Virtual Terminal". It is also a common abbreviation for the US state of Vermont. The purchase price for is currently unknown.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

    At the time of writing, it is Black Friday. The domain industry looks to have joined in with the now-traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts with many registrars and web hosting companies offering attractive deals.

    Here, investors are posting the Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts that they are finding. It's certainly worth monitoring this discussion if you're looking to make some domaining purchases this weekend.

    Topic by: @Makise Sold. What Was the Sales Price?

    Last week, it was announced that the domain name was acquired by billionaire Mark Cuban. The story made international news, with the New York Times initially reporting on the story.

    The domain name was due to be auctioned off, with a minimum bid of $300,000. However, Mark purchased the domain name before the auction, so the sales price was not revealed. Here, domainers debate the likely sales price of

    Topic by: @Furquah

    Help Stop the Sale of .ORG

    Another major news story from the last week that has received mainstream news attention is that of the sale of the .ORG extension. The extension, which has run on a non-profit basis, will now be sold to Ethos Capital for a currently undisclosed price.

    The sale of .ORG will mean that price caps will be axed, meaning Ethos Capital could increase registration and renewal prices as they wish. If you, like many others, disagree with the sale of .ORG, you can visit this discussion and sign the petition.

    Topic by: @bmugford

    Here Is My Domaining Story

    Domainers are encouraged to share their own domaining stories, as they can act as motivation for other investors. Here, a domainer that started their journey four years ago has shared their story of largely buying and flipping numerous domain names.

    Along with their story, they have disclosed fifteen sales along with details of the purchase and sales prices. Investors have been invited to ask questions and offer feedback to the domainer.

    Topic by: @NetworkPearl

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    The is really brandable with a lot of usage opportunities. But, this guy buying up these names is a pointer that the good days are yet to start in domaining kingdom....interesting
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    Thanks for the post...I still think RX was a bargain at a mil.
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