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Top Topics: How India Uses .IN Domains; Would You Read a Domaining Magazine?...

By James Iles, Sep 8, 2017
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    If you follow Mike Mann on Twitter, you'll notice that he has revealed some impressive sales figures recently. His sales include for $30,000, for $18,000 and for $9,888. Due to Mike's substantial portfolio, he needs to continually close sales of this size. However, these are incredible sales prices for domains that many of us would have sold for much less.

    Here's this week's Top Topics.

    This Domain's Previous Owner Contacted Me

    Just days after acquiring an expired domain, this investor was contacted by the name's previous owner, who asked to buy back the domain.

    Based on an email from the previous owner, it seems they were unable to renew the domain and has asked the investor to sell them the domain back for a nominal fee.

    What would you do in this situation?

    Topic by: @DomainDepot

    Would You Read a Domainer Magazine?

    In the digital world of domain names, you may think that an old fashioned physical magazine may be obsolete. You may be right, but in this discussion, an investor has asked whether anyone would read a domaining magazine.

    Interestingly, it seems that a domaining magazine has already been in circulation some years ago. An old copy of Modern Domainer was shared by @Doron Vermaat.

    Topic by: @DefinitelyDomains

    My Trip to India: .IN Domain Usage

    After traveling to India, domainer @LeDomain shared details of his trip as only a domain investor could. Instead of sharing typical tourist photos, this domainer has shared some fascinating insights into the usage of India's .IN domain extension.

    According to this discussion, .IN domains are becoming increasingly popular, with the extension's future described as being "on an upwards trend". If you have any interest in .IN domains, you'll definitely want to read this report.

    Topic by: @LeDomain

    How Many Outbound Emails Do You Send?

    Outbound domain sales can be a profitable way of actively creating cash flow from your domain portfolio without having to wait for buyers to come to you.

    Here, domain investors are discussing the amount of outbound sales emails that they send each day. In the poll attached to this discussion are several options in the "hundreds", which has provoked a negative reaction.

    Topic by: @namefork

    Bonus: DomainSherpa Bids Farewell

    After six years and 404 shows, Michael Cyger (@DomainSherpa) announced his retirement from publishing in the domain name industry. His blog, DomainSherpa, has provided hundreds of hours of entertainment and insight into the domain industry.

    In this discussion, domain investors react to DomainSherpa's news.

    Topic by: @Dominic Belley

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