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By James Iles, Dec 14, 2018
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    This week, we confirmed the news that had been transferred into DuckDuckGo’s possession. Following that news release, the article was referenced and mentioned in major news outlets such as TechCrunch, The Verge, and Gizmodo, resulting in over seventy thousand extra visitors to the article to date.

    DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg’s statement to us said that Google had “chosen to transfer ownership of”. This choice of words seems oddly specific, perhaps meaning that no funds changed hands. The company did raise $10 million in funding in August 2018.

    Here are this week’s Top Topics Was Purchased for “Several Million Dollars”

    The value of two-letter .COM’s has been well established, with average sales prices rising to mid-six-figures at the lower end to seven-, or even eight-figures. On December 1st, Jamie Zoch (@Yofie) confirmed the transfer of away from GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio, speculating that this was a seven-figure sale.

    According to this discussion, a seven-figure sales price was an accurate prediction as the buyer posted a message to WeChat telling readers he spent “several million dollars” buying This comes after the same investor purchased earlier this year.

    Topic by: @Saeid Nejati


    How Do I Stop These Calls?

    After hand registering a domain name, it’s entirely possible that you’ll receive several unsolicited calls from various service providers. If you register tens or even hundreds of domains, multiple calls per day are likely.

    How do you tackle this problem? Domain investors have suggested numerous solutions such as WHOIS privacy, a second phone or even registering a Google Voice number.

    Topic by: @Internet.Domains

    Guess the Number, Win a Free Domain

    With this simple contest, you could win a free domain name. Run by domain investor @maxtra, this third edition of the competition simply asks you to post a number between one and five hundred.

    Ending 12 PM PST on Saturday, the winner of a random domain name from this investor’s portfolio will be the person who is closest to the randomly drawn number.

    Topic by: @maxtra

    List: The Top 1,000 Largest US Cities

    Some of the best acquisitions, whether that’s private purchases or hand registrations, can be geo-related domains. City plus “keyword” domain names such as can prove to be valuable investments.

    With that in mind, an investor has shared a list of the top one thousand cities in the USA in 2017, a file that will be useful to those domainers that are looking to acquire geo-related domains.

    Topic by: @MrAcidic

    How Much is Worth?

    This week, respected industry outlet DNJournal added to its 2016 domain sales list after Elon Musk seemingly confirmed via Twitter that the company paid $11 million to purchase the domain.

    Another big purchase associated with Musk is, which he acquired from PayPal for an undisclosed fee in 2017. Given the new information about, investors are once again speculating on the sales price of

    Topic by: @Addison

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    @James Iles congrats on breaking the story! It's great to see the domain community get maximum exposure to emphasize the importance of domains.
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