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Top Topics: Does Anyone Still Make Money With Parking?; Over 30 Emails Received in 1 Day...

By James Iles, Aug 19, 2018
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    In this week's Top Topics, a domain name investor asks whether anyone still makes regular income via parking names anymore and a domainer reports their latest sale of a blockchain related domain. Elsewhere, George Kirikos posts a report about a six-figure domain sale and an investor shares the news that they received over thirty emails the day after registering a domain.

    Does Anyone Still Make Money With Parking?

    Several years ago, domain name parking was a popular way to easily produce revenue by allowing parking providers to publish adverts on your domain. In return, you'd receive revenue for every click. For the past few years, however, parking revenue has been on the decline with fewer investors relying on it for income.

    With that in mind, a domainer has asked whether any investors are still producing revenue from parking. The responses are varied with some investors claiming to still make a regular income, whilst others report colossal drops in income.

    Topic by: @Arpit131

    I Sold BlockchainGems for $3,000

    Blockchain domains have been a popular trend over the past twelve months with many investors rushing to register names. On June 28th 2018, this investor registered a .COM domain with the keywords "BlockchainGems".

    Already, the domainer has flipped the name for $3,000 with proof coming in the form of an screenshot. Congratulations!

    Topic by: @Yusupbabay

    Partial Payment Marketplaces

    If a buyer cannot pay your full asking price immediately, then payment plans are a popular option. These plans allow buyers to pay in installments and can be agreed upon privately or via an escrow service. But do marketplaces offer the option to allow installment payments?

    Various escrow services and marketplaces have been recommended by investors here.

    Topic by: @Sumeeth

    I Received Thirty Emails In a Day

    The day after registering a domain name, this investor received over thirty emails from web and app developers offering their services for new domains. For investors who register hundreds of domains per month, this can result in thousands of these emails.

    Can anything be done about it? How do you work around this problem?

    Topic by: @JudgeMind

    Bonus: Domain Sold by Remark Holdings

    This week, domain investor George Kirikos published his latest domain sale findings after discovering a six-figure sale in a company's SEC filing. The name in question was, which was sold in June 2018 with the sale consisting of a cash payment of approximately $600,000 and assumed liabilities of approximately $100,000.

    Topic by: @GeorgeK

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