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Top Topics: Confiscated by the Spanish Government; Which Is the Safest Registrar?...

By James Iles, Mar 29, 2020
  1. In this week's Top Topics, an investor asks whether it's an opportune time to perform outbound sales in light of the social isolation that much of the world is experiencing right now, thanks to the Coronavirus. Speaking of the Coronavirus, a domainer shares their story of how their domain,, was temporarily confiscated by the Spanish government.

    Elsewhere, our featured poll asks you to vote for the registrar that you feel safest with, and a domainer explains why the recent $172,984 sale of was a bargain.

    Is It a Good Time to Outbound?

    The global COVID-19 pandemic is, naturally, the subject that is dominating the media, social media, and our collective thoughts. In the past few weeks, we have seen a dramatic shift toward social distancing and isolation in an attempt to quell the virus.

    With so many people stuck at home, is it a good time for domain investors to perform outbound sales? Traditionally, outbound sales is an effective way of creating cash flow for your domaining portfolio. However, during a period where many companies are still catching up after setting up remotely and with the economy at a standstill, is it a good time to perform outbound sales?

    Topic by: @topdom Confiscated by the Spanish Government

    This week, we have seen many marketplaces have banned Coronavirus-related domain names from their platforms. Potentially profiting from a global, rampant disease is a debate in itself, but the fact is that many companies have taken action to stop advertising Coronavirus domains.

    It seems that it’s not just domain marketplaces that are focusing intently on Coronavius names. According to this discussion, a domainer has had the name confiscated temporarily by the Spanish government. As of writing, the domain hosts an official Coronavirus response page.

    Topic by:

    My Recent Domain Acquisitions

    AbdulBasit Makrani is one of the most open domain investors, willing to share his sales, acquisitions, and experiments with other domainers on a regular basis. We’ve already featured some of his sales tests in other recent editions of Top Topics, but here, AbdulBasit is talking about his acquisitions.

    The domains acquired include a three-letter .COM, copious amounts of four-letter names, and some two-word .COM’s. Each set of acquisitions comes with an explanation as to why they were purchased.

    Topic by:

    Why Sold for $172,984

    This week, NameBio reported the sale of for $172,984, taking place at the Chinese marketplace A domainer who speaks Chinese shed some light on the possible meanings of the domain, and why the $172,984 price tag can be considered to be the name's "liquid value".

    It's fascinating to see the explanation as to why the name can be regarded as a potential seven-figure domain, and the abundance of possible definitions that could lead to eventually be used by one of hundreds of companies or entrepreneurs in China.

    Topic by: @brandsly

    Poll: Which Registrar Do You Feel Safest With?

    We recently hosted a poll asking the community to vote for the best domain name registrar. This time, a different subject. Which registrar do you feel safest with?

    Not all registrars are created equally when it comes to domain name safety features. Most registrars have basic 2FA (two-factor authentication) protection, but some go further than this by adding transfer restrictions, free privacy protection, or highly responsive customer service.

    Which domain registrar do you feel safest with?

    Topic by: @equity78

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    Thanks for another great weekly collection @James Iles (y)

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    Not many people contribute as much to the domain community, and NamePros, as @equity78, and his question about what registrars you feel safest with is a timely one. While we will never reach consensus on a question like that, the discussion helped focus attention on what factors contribute to a safe registra.

    Thanks again, and have a great week. Seeing your summary each weekend is one of the highlights of my NamePros domain experience.

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    Thanks for another great Summary of the week @James Iles . I always get updated with things i missed out withing the week with your post.
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