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Top Topics: is Now; Has Your September Been Slow?...

By James Iles, Sep 19, 2021
  1. This week's edition of Top Topics features news that NameBio has introduced a new "live" feature to track domain sales in something close to real time. Elsewhere, blockchain company has officially switched to, and has your September been slow for domain sales so far? is Now, a blockchain technology company that operates the EOS coin, has become B1, using the domain name. Based on information from this discussion, B1 also uses the @B1 Twitter handle. This is seemingly a conscious effort to move away from the name and associated domain name., or B1, may be familiar to domain investors as the company that paid $30 million to acquire the domain name. B1 also purchased for $1,080,000.

    Topic by: @Lox

    NameBio Introduces: Live

    NameBio, the domain industry's leading sales database, has announced a new feature that is already available on the NameBio website. That new feature, dubbed "Live," is a live feed of domain name sales.

    This new feature will allow anyone to reference the site for sales data just minutes after a domain auction closes, for example. Domain investors are providing their opinions and feedback on this important development.

    Topic by: @NickB Sells for $160,000

    Leading domain marketplace Sedo has produced another six-figure sale via its lead broker, Dave Evanson (
    @Dave Evanson). So far in 2021, Sedo has sold the likes of for $2 million, for $450,000, and for $220,000.

    This time though, Evanson has revealed that sold for $160,000. What do you think of this sales price? Would you have aimed for higher, or do you think this was a stellar price?

    Topic by: @Crysis

    Has Your September Been Slow?

    A couple of weeks ago, we featured a discussion that focused on August domain sales. It turns out that, for many, August was a slow month, which is fairly typical for the domain name industry with much of the US workforce opting to take vacations.

    September, though, is usually better, but has that been the case this year? According to this discussion, September has not lived up to expectations for a number of domainers, who are reporting little to no sales so far this month. Has September been slow for you?

    Topic by: @twiki

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