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Top Topics: Am I Undervaluing My Domains?; How Were Your First 6 Months?...

By James Iles, Jun 2, 2018
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    With the new GDPR now in full force, WHOIS is now difficult to monitor. Thanks to DomainIQ, we are still able to view historical information, but discovering new data is a little more difficult. Unfortunately, this lack of information may affect our popular Detected Domains series in which we monitor the sales and acquisitions of successful investors.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    My New gTLD Advice

    Many domainers opt to invest in new domain extensions (new gTLD's) and some do well with them, producing enough sales to call it a successful venture. For some, new extensions can be more problematic.

    Here, an investor has given other domainers the opportunity to post their own new gTLD names to this discussion be given an in-depth evaluation of the domain, possible prospects and more.

    Topic by: @lolwarrior


    Am I Undervaluing My Domains?

    After getting into domaining just eleven months ago, this investor has started to make regular sales and now averages one sale per week.

    With these regular sales and regular income, one may be inclined to keep the strategy the same. However, this investor is looking to improve by asking the community whether the names they're selling have been undervalued.

    Topic by: @Dogmains

    How To Convince an End User to Buy a Domain

    For some investors, outbound sales are vital to produce constant cash flow. Sometimes, outbound sales can be less than fruitful. This can be down to the quality of the name or the lack of interest from your targeted potential buyers.

    In this discussion, an investor is looking for tips on how to convince a company to buy the name being pitched to them. Do end users need to be convinced?

    Topic by: @Sunkymike

    How Were Your First Six Months?

    We have just entered June, which means we are halfway through the year. At this juncture, it's an excellent opportunity to evaluate your first six months of the year to see how you can possibly improve from now until December.

    Responses so far are mixed with some having their most profitable period ever whilst others have experienced very few sales. How were your first six months of 2018?

    Topic by: @DefinitelyDomains

    How Do You Justify the Price of Premium Domains?

    Premium domain names routinely sell for five, six or seven-figure fees, it can be difficult to figure out why someone would pay such a fee for a domain.

    This new investor has asked why premium domains sell for such fees when these domains don't necessarily rank highly in search engines. How would you respond to this?

    Topic by: @Heisenberg.d

    Bonus: Sells for Around $2.7 Million

    Domain investor George Kirikos (@GeorgeK) has uncovered plenty of valuable sales data in the past. This week, George found details of yet another previously undisclosed sale and disclosed all the information in this discussion.

    The domain in question was, acquired by Indigo Books and Music for a figure around $2.7 million based on the exchange rate at the time of the transaction.

    Topic by: @GeorgeK

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