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Top Topics: AbdulBasit Makrani Spills the Beans; What's Your Outbound Sell-Through Rate?...

By James Iles, Aug 16, 2020
  1. In this week's Top Topics, an investor asks for suggestions as to what you do when you first acquire a new domain name, and we ask - does being multilingual make a difference in domaining? Elsewhere, there's a video interview with AbdulBasit Makrani, and this week's featured poll asks you to reveal your outbound sell-through rate.

    What Are the First 3 Things You Do When You Get a New Name?

    When you register or acquire a new domain name, what are the most important or the most pressing things to do? In this discussion, an investor is asking other domainers to list the first three things they do on a new purchase.

    The most popular initial steps to take seem to include changing the nameservers, add the domain to marketplaces, and adding the name to a spreadsheet to record the purchase details. What do you do?

    Topic by: @Shaan Chopra

    Does Being Multilingual Make a Difference?

    Success in domain name investing could arguably be down to your ability to perceive the value of words and combinations of words, since NameBio shows many domain sales come down to this skill. The majority of this kind of domain sales are English word combinations, but would it help to be multilingual?

    Would being multilingual help to acquire valuable domains in other popular languages? Could it also be an advantage when negotiating a sale either via inbound or outbound?

    Topic by: @wallet2it

    Poll: What's Your Outbound Sell-Through Rate?

    Targeted outbound sales marketing has often been touted as a means of creating cash flow to a portfolio, rather than waiting an indeterminate amount of time for interested parties to come to you. The effectiveness of outbound domain sales varies drastically based on factors such as the quality of the domain, the industry, and the asking price.

    This week's featured poll asks investors to disclose their outbound sell-through rate by voting in this discussion. As of writing, it seems like the majority of domainers who practice outbound have a very low sell-through rate.

    Topic by: @abstractdomainer

    I Interviewed AbdulBasit, and He Spilled the Beans

    AbdulBasit Makrani is a successful investor that we have featured countless times. As the owner of a portfolio of several thousand names, who routinely hits five-figures per month in domain sales, AbdulBasit is often asked for advice by other investors.

    For those investors inspired by AbdulBasit Makrani, here is a half-hour "ask me anything" session with AbdulBasit filmed recently and uploaded here.

    Topic by: @andNames

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  6. MadAboutDomains

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    Thanks for sharing
  7. PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Thanks @James Iles for the shout out on interview. Just wanted to say that it's in Hindi/Urdu language. Hope the hosts can add caption to the interview for everyone to understand.

    Also as you said it's "half-hour "ask me anything" but in actual it's little more than 2 hours and is divided into 4 parts. As per now, 3 parts have been uploaded.

    Thanks! :)
  8. ecomslice

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    Yes, @James , Please share how you enjoyed Abdul's interview and how you translated it as I hope to do the same.
  9. Bob Hawkes

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  10. PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    You've tagged the wrong person :xf.wink:
  11. WatchDogue

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    Great group of Top Topics James!

    Found one amongst the group that I had missed so was glad to see it here and give it a read!

    Appreciate the Top Topics!
  12. Soofi

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    Subtitles being added to videos :)
  13. Tony Blessed

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  14. Bipul

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