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Top Topics: A $22,000 .TV Sale; Would You Pay to Attend a Virtual Conference?...

By James Iles, Jun 20, 2020
  1. In this week's Top Topics, we feature a $22,000 .TV sale that was announced this week, less than a year after it was acquired for $1,900. Elsewhere, investors discuss the news that Mike Mann dropped fifty thousand domain names, and our featured poll asks whether you would pay to attend a virtual conference.

    Mike Mann Drops 50,000 Domains

    It was discovered this week that Mike Mann, founder of, dropped a significant chunk of his portfolio. Almost fifty thousand names, in fact. Mike is renowned for having a portfolio that until recently contained over 350,000 domains.

    It seems that Mr. Mann opted to let almost 15% of his portfolio expire within the span of a couple of months. In this discussion, domain investors are giving their opinions on why Mike took this step, and what it might mean for the future of his portfolio.

    Topic by: @charrisg

    I Sold Fans(.)tv for $22,000

    Investor @donnied79 is no stranger to five-figure .TV deals. In the past, we have covered his sales including for $125,000, and for $32,500. This time, we're covering the sale of Fans(.)tv for $22,000, a name that the seller caught from the .TV registry for $1,800 in 2019.

    According to the discussion, the seller received "a lot of offers" recently. Could this be to do with the fact that many sports events are now starting to be play behind closed doors without fans? Will we see Fans(.)tv become a solution to allow fans to interact with each other during a sporting event?

    Topic by: @donnied79

    GoDaddy Will Share Marketplace Data From October

    GoDaddy announced this week that they will start to share curated lists of top public domain sales along with prices from October 2020. There have been calls for GoDaddy to share data in the past, and it looks like they've finally listened.

    With data from GoDaddy, we will start to see a higher volume of data from one of the most active companies in the industry. The curated lists will also include sales data from NameFind, GoDaddy's own portfolio of domain names.

    Topic by: @lovedomains

    Poll: Would You Pay to Attend a Virtual Conference?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has already lead to some new innovations to address the problem of networking and conference events, with many companies now offering online-only events. Apple, for instance, will host its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) entirely online for the first time.

    In the domain industry, NamesCon has just announced a virtual event called NamesCon 360, from 9th-11th September 2020. As of writing, there's little information available about the potential cost of attending NamesCon 360, but aptly, this featured poll asks domain investors whether they would actually pay to attend an online conference.

    Topic by: @equity78

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    Thanks for another good round up (y)
  7. Bob Hawkes

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    Another great run-down of topics. The Mike Mann drop is one of the bigger stories of the year, I think. It would be good if someone could get a statement from him on his plans and selection criteria, but probably will not happen. 50,000 drops since March 3 is almost mind-boggling.

    The discussion around virtual conferences and trade shows, like The Domain Show and NamesCon 360 will be interesting. Re NamesCon 360 it seems to me we don't really know enough details yet to vote with much certainty, but at the right price and with interesting features I certainly would sign up, unless it ends up we are able to camp in Canadian wilds without Internet then.

    Thanks again for superb picks @James Iles . I almost missed the 5-figure TV sale until you highlighted it.

  8. Top 4L [email protected] PRO VIP Gold Account

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  9. jyp333

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