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Top Topics: A $32,500 Sale and a $24,500 Sale; Outrage About the EARN-IT Act...

By James Iles, Mar 22, 2020
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    Michael Cyger, the founder of DNAcademy, hosted his second “Quarantine Social”, an hour-long chat hosted on Zoom. The chat attracted over fifty people, but if you weren’t able to make it, there’s a recording of the chat in the DNAcademy blog.

    I think it’s a superb community initiative that helps connect investors at a potentially difficult time. Michael is hosting a third chat on Zoom, on Friday 27th March 2020 at 2 PM Pacific time.

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    I Sold for $32,500

    We’re starting off this week with a domain sale. This avid .TV investor has posted some incredible sales numbers in the past including the $125,000 sale of This week, the investor has revealed their second-highest .TV sale to date, beating their previous second-best,

    The domain,, sold for $32,500 to a currently unknown buyer. The obvious acronym, DIY, is used by many eCommerce and media outlets. In fact, is operated by the British DIY chain, B&Q. According to NameBio, the sale of is the sixth-highest .TV domain sale of the past five years, and the highest .TV sale of 2020 by far. Congrats on a great sale!

    Topic by: @donnied79

    Is It Immoral to Sell Coronavirus Domains?

    The news, and indeed the majority of our lives, has been completely overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic. The uncertainty, the panic, and the strain on resources have been palpable.

    As with most major trends and global events, thousands of coronavirus related domains have been registered. Whilst some of these registrations will go on to be destinations for people to get news and information about covid-19, the vast majority will be put up for sale.

    Is registering domain names with the clear intention of profiting from a global crisis an immoral act? That is the question that is being debated here. There are some domain owners who are defending their registrations, whilst many investors have condemned the practice.

    Topic by: @frostify

    What Makes a Domain Valuable in 2020?

    Ten to fifteen years ago, a domain’s value may have been highly influenced by factors such as the traffic it received, its cost per click ad revenue, and its monthly parking income. Today, however, valuation takes on a completely different scope.

    Since domain parking revenue, for example, is not something that is usually taken into consideration in 2020, and the definition of a valuable domain may have shifted slightly in the past decade, what exactly makes a domain valuable in 2020?

    Topic by: @Gube

    I Sold a Domain for $24,500

    This is the second five-figure sale highlighted through Top Topics this week, but it’s noteworthy thanks in part to the backstory and the explanation of the domainer’s strategy. The name, mentioned in the discussion, is a two-word .COM domain that the investor acquired in 2016 for just $19.47, representing a return on investment of over 125,000%.

    The sale comes after the investor decided to switch their strategy, selling fewer names but for higher prices. Congrats on the sale!

    Topic by:

    Where Is the Outrage About the EARN-IT Act?

    Thanks largely to the justifiable focus on the coronavirus pandemic, there are some major news stories that have slipped under the radar. One relevant story that hasn’t received much coverage is the proposal of the EARN-IT act.

    The bill, created by Senator Lindsey Graham’s Judiciary committee, is essentially a play to end encryption. It’s a terrifying concept that needs to be fought.

    Topic by: @Rob Monster

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  6. Domain Season

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    Thanks, great share James Iles.
  7. Bob Hawkes

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    Great collection of important topics @James Iles - thank you!

    I had not heard of EARN-IT proposal prior to @Rob Monster starting the thread. Seems potentially troubling for sure.

    DIY .tv to my mind is one of the best possibilities in the .tv extension, at least from my Do It Yourself perspective! Great price and incredible name. Congrats to @donnied79 !

    As well as the connection with other domainers being interesting and worthwhile, it was only the second time I had personally used Zoom, and I was impressed with how smoothly the system handled 57 people on the quarantine social meeting. Seems an ideal way to meet with decision makers in a business if negotiating a major domain name sale.

    The topic of pricing, and whether overall better to price higher and sell fewer but at more profit, is a long-standing topic, but one that is hard to answer with certainty. Interesting post by and definitely a good price for a two word domain name.

    Thanks again for your consistent ability to identify the topics that everyone should be reading.

    Last edited: Mar 22, 2020
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  9. keygold

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    As for the earn-it act. They always try to do this. Sneak in sneaky laws when no one is looking. Like on holidays. Or during scenarios like with this coronavirus. Nothing unusual.
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