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Top 10 Domains Owned by James Booth:,,

By James Iles, May 8, 2019
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    Since entering the industry in 2015, James Booth has been responsible for hundreds of high-value domain sales, which has seen him ranked consistently in's annual Masters of Domains list. In October 2018, we published a Top 10 list of names owned by James along with his brother, Andy. Since then James, founder of BQDN brokerage, has acquired a number of new names that makes a follow-up article focusing purely on James (@BoothDomains), almost a necessity.

    Thanks to DomainIQ, we are able to take a look at ten of James’ most recent acquisitions which include three-letter and one-word .COM’s.

    We start the list with a pronounceable, three-letter .COM domain that would be the envy of many investors’ portfolios. There are several factors that make a perfect brand name. It’s three-letters, simple to convey to clients and it is extremely simple to spell. It's also the name of a common bird.

    Companies such as leading headphone manufacturer JayBird would likely benefit from this name.

    The original owners of registered the domain as an abbreviation for their award-winning architecture firm, Butler Rogers Baskett, but in recent years “brb” has taken on a different meaning as an abbreviation for “be right back”.

    That abbreviation has inflitrated its way into the business world, with companies such as “BeRightBack” using the memorable BRB branding as part of its online identity.

    This one-word .COM looks to have been acquired from another domain investor after the name was put up for sale at Afternic. The versatile domain can be used across many industries, as is evident when looking at Crunchbase.

    Crunchbase shows five companies that use “range” as their exact company name, with twenty more using “range” or “ranger” within their name.

    Acquired from the Future Media Architects portfolio for an undisclosed fee, would be right at home in the lucrative cannabis industry. Haze is a cannabis strain that was created in the 1970s and reportedly remains popular today.

    Another cannabis strain domain,, was sold by Sedo’s @Dave Evanson for $500,000 last year. was acquired from a Chinese investor and despite there being several acceptable ways of spelling “pixie”, there are several existing companies using “Pixie” as their brand name. This includes an IoT developer with $24.5 million in funding to date. is not only a valuable three-letter domain ending with the desirable “A” (due to the many potential acronyms that can arise from the letter), but it’s also one of the oldest names on the Internet. It was registered in 1987 and is the sixty-fifth oldest name.

    The name, which was registered before James was born, was acquired from domainer and entrepreneur Aron Meystedt for an undisclosed fee, although Aron disclosed in an April 2019 newsletter that he’d previously been offered as much as $50,000 for the name.

    According to’s 2019 Masters of Domains list, James has been involved in over 250 three-letter .COM acquisitions and sales since May 2015. One of my personal favorite recent acquisitions from James is

    It has a whole host of potential meanings including the common abbreviation for the latissimus dorsi muscle, and latitude.

    James’ latest acquisition came late last week when he announced via Facebook the purchase of Aside from being an exact match for a medically-define memory deficit, “amnesia” is used by several companies, in particular in the entertainment industry.

    Amnesia is perhaps most famously associated with the Ibiza superclub, which was awarded the Best Global Club award four times.

    Hot on the heels of is James' purchase of, which was confirmed privately. The name straddles two highly desirable niches - three letter .COM and animal domains. From our recent article on how animal domains are used, it's evident that animal domains such as can be used in multiple niches.

    We finish the list with a one-word .COM that ultra positive connotations. Phenom is defined as a person who is outstandingly talented or admired. Despite being a little more difficult to spell than some of James’ other purchases, still ranks highly in terms of end-user potential.


    Which is your favorite domain from the list?
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    Have you noticed that savvy domain investors invest in dotcom domain names that make sense in English? No, or
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    Great collections. I will soon beat this portfolio for good. Working on it seriously
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    Gosh darn heck, those are some great names.


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    Good names come with great financial costs. Great names come with more than just financial costs.

    These are great names.

    Well done to James.
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    Favorite/favourite name is "Haze" favorite/favourite niche..
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    Thanks for the write-up, James.
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    Wow. Like a masterpiece collection of domains. Impressive.
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