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Top 10 Domains Owned by: The Booth Brothers

By James Iles, Oct 3, 2018
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    In the latest installment of our Top Ten series, we are taking a look at some of the best domains currently owned by James (@BoothDomains) and Andy Booth (@andyboothsi). These names, which combine both brother’s personal portfolios, show the type of domains the brothers are currently interested in. Older brother Andy has been a part of the domain industry for a number of years, having previously owned and sold domain names such as,, and James got his start more recently but has amassed an impressive sales record, having crossed $10 million in sales in just two years.

    We start off with a two-letter .COM. With just 676 in existence, they are rare commodities and typically trade in the six to seven-figure range. In a deal that looks to have been closed earlier this year, Andy acquired the domain for an undisclosed fee.

    This versatile two-letter .COM signifies the first and last letter of the alphabet, something that is used by many brands including soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s A-Z clothing brand. Other than that, it is also a common abbreviation for the state of Arizona.

    With a common word as a surname, it would be understandably difficult and possibly expensive to acquire the exact-match .COM. However, in 2011 the domain was acquired and quickly developed as a base for domaining activities. Again, this acquisition price hasn’t been revealed but it’s likely to have been a pricey acquisition.


    The first of many three-letter .COM’s on this list is This name made our top ten thanks to its combination of letters and the potential meaning behind those letters.

    GPA has very obvious connotations within the American education system, with GPA representing the “Grade Point Average”, which could lead to being sold to an educational service or to being developed as an educational resource since online education is a popular market right now.

    A common theme in the Booth brothers’ portfolios is the presence of three-letter .COM’s. This ABB pattern name was acquired in 2016 from Black and Veatch, formerly RCC Consultants, who own and operate RCC is a desirable name from an investment point of view but it’s also an initialism that’s used by hundreds of companies worldwide, with the “CC” having plenty of potential meanings.

    Another three-letter .COM that ends in “C” in the portfolio is The “C” ending is popular amongst investors thanks to the common usage in company names, with potential meanings such as “company” and “corporation”. Other similar names that have sold in the past include for $120,000, for $99,000 and for $198,000.

    One of the latest acquisitions was that of and has to be one of the favorites on the list. As a three-letter word, “ore” is described as a naturally occurring solid material from which a metal or valuable mineral can be extracted profitably.

    Whilst mining companies may not be too interested in expanding their online dominance, was sold to a mining company in 2016 for $1.25 million. Another potential use for is as an acronym for “Online Real Estate”.

    Another three-letter .COM acquired earlier this year is This AAB pattern three-letter .COM was acquired from the president of a company called Call Center Technologies for an undisclosed fee. Aside from the desirable pattern, the name could have an immediate impact in the cryptocurrency industry, with CCT potentially standing for “CryptoCurrency Trading”.

    Animal names are highly desirable from an investment point of view thanks to their potential as a brand name. In 2017 for example, Andrew Rosener of @MediaOptions confirmed the acquisition of (a deal brokered by James Booth’s BQDN) on @DomainSherpa, praising both animal and color domains in the process. is a memorable three-letter word and a common animal, too.

    Our only four-letter domain on this list is It’s a rare combination, with only one hundred repeating CVCV names available. These short repetitions are also popular in China with companies such as DaDa, MaiMai, and TanTan being some of the most highly ranked Chinese companies on Crunchbase.

    Three-letter .COM’s ending in “X” have become popular with both investors and end users, particularly thanks to the relatively recent interest from the cryptocurrency community. Names such as have sold this year for six-figure fees to crypto-related projects. On this occasion, the “X” wildcard also combines well with the middle “F” to form “FX”, a common initialism for the Foreign Exchange Market.
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    When you see domaining as a serious business , it becomes one for you.
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    Thanks for sharing.

    Good names.
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    Thanks for Sharing. They are really awesome names.
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    Impressive, thanks for sharing
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    AZ must be one of the best names ever with just 2 letters and the connotation A to Z! I also really like ORE for the reasons James mentioned, and way cool that they have booth for their own operations!
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    great example for us to look up to a Top Ten upgraded can't miss holdings .com that will only appreciate in value sooner than later :) :) :)
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    Names worth milli$
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    It order for it to be a serious business, you have to invest serious money. They didn't just pick up these names in the expired domains section.
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    I see the name like seeing $$$...
    Congrats. Thanks for sharing
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    I like! Thank you for sharing.
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    Thanks for sharing. is probably the best one ever!
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