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By James Iles, Jan 14, 2016
  1. The last day of NamesCon 2016 is here. On NamesCon's main stage, we've seen Uniregistry unveil a new market platform, and we have witnessed the success of the RightOfTheDot auction that sold nearly $1.5 million dollars worth of domain names.

    Today, it's Matt Barrie's turn to take to the stage. Matt is the CEO of, which announced last year that they had acquired for $7.5 million in cash. Since then, there have been very few visible changes, but that looks set to change.

    According to a report from DomainGang, Matt could be unveiling a rebranded website with support for several languages. A new back-end management system is due to be released too, bringing new tools and improvements.

    In an interview I conducted with's General Manager Jackson Elsegood last year, he said, "We will aim to modernize the existing marketing site with a new one to make it mobile responsive, faster for users around the world, and multilingual."

    For those who are unaware of Matt Barrie, he is most famous for creating the Freelancer network: a public company that currently has over 17 million users. Aside from Matt Barrie's roles as President of and CEO of, he is a regular speaker at events all over the world and one of the top Worldwide Influencers on LinkedIn along with Richard Branson, Barack Obama, and Deepak Chopra.

    Whilst no details of Matt's keynote speech have been confirmed, you can guarantee that it will be fascinating to hear. If you aren't able to see this keynote in person, NamePros is streaming this keynote speech live on this blog post (below) or you can watch it on YouTube. We shall be covering this event live beginning at 4.25 PM PST or 7.25 PM EST.

    Please note that Internet access at NamesCon may be congested at times. As we're broadcasting live from the event, there is a possibility that videos could briefly lag.

    Update on Jan 18, 2016: We filmed a high-definition version of this event with better video and audio that is now available below.

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    Thank you for update, James!
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    Great NamesCon coverage, guys!!

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    james i believe in you for greats informations.
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    Takes some patience to decipher what he's saying. Thanks.
  10. We've released the professional-quality version of this keynote. Watch the updated video in the blog post above.

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