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Expert Exchange: How Do You Qualify Potential Buyers?

By James Iles, Aug 30, 2018
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    Many top brokers look after some of the most sought-after domain names on the planet. This means an almost constant stream of inquiries and interest in these domains. The majority of interested parties will not be able to reach the often six-, seven-, or eight-figure prices required to acquire a top domain name, so how does a broker go about qualifying an interested buyer? We asked them:

    What process do you go through to qualify an interested buyer (e.g., learn about who they are and why they might want the domain name)?

    @Joe Uddeme, Founder of NameExperts LLC

    @Jen Sale, COO of


    @Bill Sweetman, CEO of NameNinja

    George Hong, CEO of @GUTA

    @Giuseppe Graziano, CEO of GGRG

    Kevin Fink (@iHaveThisIdea), COO of Starfire Web Holdings

    @Dave Evanson, Senior Broker at @Sedo

    @Hobi Michalec, Co-founder of Lumis Group

    @Mike Robertson, Director of Business Development,

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    Great article and such an important topic. Excellent feedback from everyone. I would be interested to hear a little more from @Giuseppe Graziano with regards to his 11 step process (that sounds more like a internal checklist) that begins in house before even reaching back out to the prospect. I dont know how proprietary this 11 step process is but I think this is very smart and would be beneficial to all domainers to hear a little more about. I am a firm believer in building systems to follow that you can use to train other people to do so that you can remove yourself from that process so you can focus more of your time on other aspects of your business. I dont know if @Giuseppe Graziano would be willing to go into detail or even list the 11 step process but if he could discuss a few of those steps I think we would all benefit greatly and appreciate his insight.
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    Thanks for sharing
  8. Donna Mahony

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    Great info! Thanks to all who contributed!
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