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11 Great NamePros Topics from 2019

By Bob Hawkes, Dec 26, 2019
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    So much happens every year on NamePros that it is possible to overlook noteworthy content. In this post, I draw attention to eleven topics from 2019 that I found particularly valuable. They cover domain name acquisition, pricing, selling, negotiation, security, and more. Readers are urged to add their own favorites in the comment section.

    NamePros writer James Iles does a great job of identifying noteworthy contributions through his weekly Top Topics series, which you can consult for a more extensive look at the most interesting posts from the past year and more.

    Eleven 2019 Topics Worth a (Second) Read
    1. Domain Investing Guide. Long term NamePros member Dave put together a superb guide on domain investing that covers brandable, keyword, geo, and category-killer domain names. This is a must-read post, especially for those new to domain investing. It was the first post featured as a Community Favorite on NamePros.
    2. From $3000 offer to $26,000 domain sale. Abdul Basit has a well-deserved reputation as a highly successful domain investor and also as someone who writes informative and helpful posts. This topic, also selected as a NamePros Community Favorite, deals with the important, but challenging, question of how to move an offer to an acceptably high price.
    3. Performing Outbound. Renowned NamePros writer James Iles published a four-part series on performing effective outbound domain name sales. This covered both the basics, such as what email to use, as well as more specialized topics. The series, based on interviews with Mike Robertson Director of Business Development at, provides great advice in a readable fashion. Here are links to the four segments in the series: Part 1 – Basics | Part 2 – Finding Buyers | Part 3 – Making Contact | Part 4 – Negotiation.
    4. Great domain names held by major companies. This thread, started by experienced domain seller @JudgeMind includes a fantastic list of ultra-premium .com domain names. For example, did you know that CBS own domains such as,, and Other NamePros members extended the list, with a particularly noteworthy addition from @mems.
    5. Domain Investing Success Without a Portfolio. The vast majority of domain investors assemble a portfolio of domain names and count on selling a few percent of their domains per year at a good price. This relatively young, and highly successful, domain investor, @NetworkPearl, has taken a very different approach. He handles just one or a few domains at a time, flipping them and then moving on to other domain names. He has sold some great names including, and
    6. Shoot the Moon Pricing. Should you ask for the moon in your domain pricing, or will you make more overall with reasonable pricing? Rob Monster started this thread making the argument to shoot the moon, but Michael Sumner came in with strong arguments not to do that. See Michael’s blog post on the topic as well. No matter which side you are on, it is always good to listen to both viewpoints.
    7. What Factors Influence Demand for a Domain Name?. Domain names in demand will get more and higher offers, but what factors predict demand? Experienced domain investor Dave tackles that important question in this post. Although the post received many likes, it did not generate nearly as many replies and views as it deserves. This is Dave’s second contribution on our best of 2019 list.
    8. Dream of Selling your Entire Portfolio?. For whatever reason, did you ever dream of selling your entire portfolio all at the same time? While the idea for this thread started by @Vito came from the new bulk purchase option at Uniregistry, the many replies in the thread consider diverse aspects of why and how one might liquidate an entire portfolio. I should also point out that earlier in the year @JudgeMind started a thread related to the topic of pricing to sell your entire portfolio for sale as a package.
    9. Domain Name Payment Plans. I think that payment plans will become increasingly common, both for domain sales to end users and also for domain acquisitions by domain name investors. In this blog post I take a look at some of the current options, questions to ask for those considering implementing payment plan options, and the pros and cons of selling domain names on extended payment terms.
    10. Your Oldest Domain Name. Some threads are just fun to read, such as this one started by @Amar D asking NamePros members to share their oldest domain name. I was amazed, and impressed, by the well-aged domains many members still hold. If you missed this thread earlier in the year, why not go add your oldest domain now?
    11. Avoiding Domain Theft. We all want to avoid domain theft, and related to that is paying attention to information protection. In this, the third in a series on online security, NamePros CTO Paul Buonopane shares his expertise on the topic. Later in 2019 a thread in answer to a specific member concern provides additional advice from Paul Buonopane and others around the topic of secure email communication.

    These are eleven topics that attracted my attention. My list could have been much longer, and I am sure it overlooks many equally valuable discussions. I am hoping that readers will add to the list through the comments section. What 2019 NamePros topics did you find particularly valuable? Please include a brief summary of the topic along with a link.
    The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of NamePros.
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    One of the most (in)famous threads of 2019 on NP would be:

    Or: the good, the bad and the ugly as I prefer to call it :)

    Lots of info in there, lots of heated debating.

    I'm mentioning this one in specific because this thread and the aftermath basically introduced the registrar to a lot of namepros members and their services and contributions definitely changed the domain community (and NP) to some extent.
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    interesting topic collections worth checking out indeed. thanks for sharing
  12. WatchDogue

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    Quite an interesting array of domain names topics you've selected for inclusion.

    With so many outstanding writers and threads across NamePros this year, I'll just comment on topics from the excellent selection you've chosen.

    Of those listed I personally found topics number 2 ,6, and 7 the most pertinent to my domain interests.

    From $3000 offer to $26,000 domain sale - Abdul Basit

    His thread served to reinforce my long held believes in pricing and negotiating strategies although seldom ( If ever) have I traveled in the same money green waters he travels with his domains.

    A great read and re-read for all who have domains for sale.

    Shoot the Moon Pricing - Rob Monster's bold yet perfectly logical presentation about pricing strategies really hit home and caused an immediate review along with several revisions ( upward upward and upward) of domains I felt comfortable offering at " moon landing " pricing.

    That entire thread was filled with interesting and of course varied perspectives on pricing domains.

    Also a great read and re-read for all who have domains for sale.

    What Factors Influence Demand for a Domain Name? - Dave

    His points of demand factor analysis were quite unique and intriguing, and I'm certain that was the only such presentation I've read in years of holding domain names.

    Another great read and re-read for all who have domains for sale.

    And Bob, I 100 % concur and applaud:
    "NamePros writer @James Iles does a great job of identifying noteworthy contributions through his weekly Top Topics series".

    Thanks for posting up the 2019 Topics for review and comments Bob!
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    Thanks Bob. You are on top, as usual.
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    Great Work dear Bob.

    Thanks for sharing.
  16. vikki88

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    @Bob Hawkes
    It's an honor to see my sales thread being in your 11 great NamePros topics which really made my day. Thank you so much Bob :joyful::joyful:

    Thank you so much for your kind words :happy::joyful:
    I really feel more happy to see when fellow domainers find my posts helpful in some way and that's why I love to share as much detail as possible to give complete clarity.

    Just had another 5 figure domain sale and I'm sure you'll like this one as well -
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    So Great Analysis...
    Thanks for sharing @Bob Hawkes
  21. CodingTheDomain

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    Thanks Bob for highlighting some of the best threads of 2019
  22. dAvo

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    Schooner on me!
    What will it be:) ?
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