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Domain Conference Highlights from NamesCon 2016 [Video]

By Edward Zeiden, Feb 11, 2016
  1. Edward Zeiden

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    This year’s NamesCon was the largest ever. Over the past three years, the domain name industry event has evolved from a conventional domain conference into a four-day powerhouse of entertainment and networking.

    NamesCon attendance has doubled in its three years of existence, from 600 in 2014, to approximately 1,200 this year. NamesCon and its partners managed to fit masterclasses, fundraising, keynotes, mixers, interviews, and live domain auctions into one action-packed conference.

    NamePros understands that scheduling conflicts occur and some domain investors couldn’t make it out to Las Vegas. That’s why we partnered with NamesCon to produce stellar video coverage for everyone who was unable to make it this year. You may have already seen Frank Schilling’s keynote, Matt Barrie’s address, or the live ROTD auction, but that was just the start. Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing many videos of NamesCon keynotes, masterclasses, interviews, and events.

    I congratulate and thank Richard, Jothan, Terri, and James for a stupendous event. Whether you attended NamesCon this year or you’re considering attending next year, enjoy this highlights video!

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    Special thanks to @DomainNameWire, @Joe Styler, @Jackson Elsegood, @FlippaDomains, @mindless, @Domain Shane, @domainflipper, @Colin Campbell, @mcahn,, @Duke, @Dynadot, @Frank.Schilling, @locosman, @Acroplex, @dvdrip, @Angela St. Julien, @joezeppy, @stephvg, and everyone else for being part of the video!
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  6. James Iles

    James Iles Top Member PRO Gold Account VIP Trusted Blogger

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    Great video. Very well made, a must see video. You've done a good job there @Edward Zeiden!
  7. Acroplex

    Acroplex Top Member PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Great material and editing. It was fun sitting down during NamesCon to share positive thoughts; Angela St. Julien did a great job interviewing us!
  8. Kassey Lee

    Kassey Lee 域名世界 VIP

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    Look forward to watching the rest of the series.
  9. Joe Styler

    Joe Styler Aftermarket Product Manager GoDaddy Staff Afternic Staff PRO VIP

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    Thanks for doing this. It is a great video, very well done. Nice recap of the show. Fun to see everyone being interviewed and it was nice to be a part of it as well.
  10. Angela St. Julien

    Angela St. Julien Brand.Bar Staff ICA Member VIP

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    Great video! You guys did a wonderful job capturing the excitement of NamesCon. Thanks for including me and I look forward to seeing you all again next year!
  11. stephvg

    stephvg Milathan VIP

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    Namescon Namepros Video, great to be involved!

    Although a long-time follower of the Namepros blog, I never signed up to actually write here until now.

    But I wanted to do so to give a big shout out to the Namepros people whom I met at this year's Namescon. A great team, and it was a pleasure to be part of this video.
  12. Arpit131

    Arpit131 Top Member VIP

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    Thanks for sharing this @Edward Zeiden.
    We sure have known the who's who like Andrew and Joe for years, but never knew who they were!

    Richard has done an excellent job!

    Looking forward to rest of the videos!
  13. Jim Holleran

    Jim Holleran Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Didn't go this year, and somebody told me I missed out. I am a dad first, and I didn't miss out I was at my twin daughters basketball game in San Diego. Family first always!!!! Good to see the video and glad you guys had fun!
  14. robaireg

    robaireg Established Member

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    the online auction results never made public or posted anywhere. which means no one knows who the buyers were or what the actual prices were.
  15. Domain Shane

    Domain Shane Top Member Staff PRO ICA Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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  16. Vijay Suryawanshi

    Vijay Suryawanshi Established Member

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  17. robaireg

    robaireg Established Member

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    thanks appreciate it. I had one domain name in the auction. the online auction ended Jan 21st.
    received an email - a week later - saying '' congratulations. your name ----- sold for ----. ''
    ok a week not so long. several 'anomalies'' then occurred ....
    1) no mention of the who the buyer was.
    2) was asked to open an account with eNomn (a registrar which is owned by the same parent co as the auctioneer) and transfer the name there in order to facilitate the transfer.
    3) doing this would incur a one-year renewal. I would be paying for this one-year renewal (on behalf of the buyer? or the auctioneer?)
    4) since surely 99% of the gTLD names at that auction were premium names, this name was also a premium,
    5) the renewal was not ''super-premium'' as in the case with many ($ but in the very low $xxx) - a ''moderate premium'')
    6) I raised an objection since paying the renewals is not part of the TOS.
    7) a 3-way conversation between principals in the auctioneer endued.
    8) one principal stated that he didn't know it was a premium name (...despite nearly all of the names there being premium).
    9) another principal of the auction co said it's the buyers responsibility to know in advance the renewal fees. (correct)

    then other anomalies occurred. which I will continue to list here if it is not being indiscreet as this is still ongoing.

    bottom line, one of the auctioneers is now saying ''I should have told them in advance this was a premium name'' ... however I was never asked about this this when submitting the name, I simply submitted a list like everyone else and let them choose from that list. I will go on pending on where this goes .... several anomalies so far.
  18. robaireg

    robaireg Established Member

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    the process is still ongoing and hopefully it will resolve. but these anomalies were unexpected.

    (quote -- Congratulations on your recent sale in the NamesCon Auction! Here is what sold in the auction (domain & gross sales price): ----
    We are provisioning all domains at eNom, so we will need you to transfer the domain there at your earliest convenience ..... if you do not have an eNom account, it is free and easy to set-up .... Please let me know once the domain is at eNom ...

    So you are aware, our process is pretty simple and will go as follows: 1. The buyer pays us 2. We provision the domain name to them 3. We pay you the net amount owed ....
    The sale has already been paid, so once the domain is provisioned we will wire your funds to you ... (endquote) ...
    this is ongoing, hopefully it will resolve.
  19. robaireg

    robaireg Established Member

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    ''our process is pretty simple .. ''
    ... this is encouraging
  20. chetan9693

    chetan9693 Upgraded Member Gold Account VIP

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    Escrow is the safest way to do transaction online, please see the videos on YouTube of how escrow works and provide security to both buyer and seller
  21. Keith DeBoer

    Keith DeBoer Top Member PRO VIP

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    A great resource for those of us who could not make it to NC this year. Thanks!
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