information DAN & VAT changes; India to hinder domain .in(vesting); Tricking expired GoDaddy auctions; LTO new at Afternic; Clicks but no money for Sedo domain

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Dan.com has changed the VAT/invoicing process, becoming the middle man for buyer and seller; India is about to ban .in domain investing; Expired domain auctions at GoDaddy can be manipulated, apparently; LTO options a new feature at Afternic; Sedo parked domain gets clicks but no money.

DAN changes invoice/transaction/VAT process
Shocking new changes at Dan.com, with the company becoming a middle party in all sales. As a Dutch company based in the EU, Undeveloped BV will also collect VAT whenever end-user buyers are involved, or when businesses in the same country transact. Best of luck understanding the fine details that can be reviewed and discussed in this thread.

Topic by @Domainication

India might ban .in domain investing
After almost 20 years of an open ecosystem, the Indian Domain Name Authority is considering to restrict the registration of .in domain names, targeting domain name investing. There is no final decision yet but it's definitely disappointing to thousands of holders of .in domain names, in India and worldwide.

Topic by @silentg

GoDaddy Expired Auctions can be tricked
Expired domain auctions at GoDaddy appear to be vulnerable to shill bidding, allowing a bidder with ill intentions to utilize alternate accounts and manipulate an auction. Using a low bid and a high bid that won't be paid, the auction awards the domain to the low bidder automatically. Read what other say about this claim.

Topic by @Furquan

Lease to own option coming to Afternic
With the help of Dan.com and its LTO process, Afternic—sister company to Dan—is about to roll out Lease To Own options. This sounds great until one realizes that although the sale occurs on Afternic, the LTO process completes on Dan.com. Who thought of this? Find out by reading the rest of the discussion.

Topic by @equity78

My parked domain at Sedo gets clicks but no earnings
What's going on when a domain gets plenty of clicks but revenue remains unaccounted for? Is it a glitch, worthless clicks, or unsettled funds? Here's what other Sedo users have to say about it.

Topic by @Blues Brother

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