analysis 8 Companies That Started Using One Word .COM's in Q4 of 2018

Single-word .COM domain names are some of the most sought after digital assets for both investors and end users. Thanks to their desirability, many of these one-word domains can fetch six or seven-figure sales prices to the right buyer. Often, the right buyer is a venture-capital backed company or startup looking to upgrade their existing domain name.

Here are eight examples of companies that started to use one-word .COM domain names in the last quarter of 2018.


Brokered by @Joe Uddeme of NameExperts.com, Mode.com was previously owned by Mode Media Corporation. Mode used the name to host a social platform, but the company announced in 2016 that it was due to close.

Fortunately, the domain looks to have found a new home in Q4 of 2018, with Joe tweeting in October that the domain had sold. Mode.com is currently forwarding to ModeAnalytics.com, a collaborative analytics company that has raised a total of $23.4 million to date.


Noted by NameCorp Managing Director Alan Dunn on Twitter (@Alan Dunn) was this possible acquisition by Elastic Inc. This sales CRM, launched on the Close.io domain name five years ago, proved to be a popular choice for sales professionals.

It looks like the Close.com domain started redirecting to Close.io in November 2018, with the domain remaining under privacy protection at Network Solutions.


Another potential domain sale noted by Alan Dunn on Twitter in Q4 of 2018 is Carrot.com. Currently listed in the possession of the Muscovitch Law Firm, Carrot.com is forwarding to OnCarrot.com, a real estate investment website.

The domain almost expired earlier this year and was only saved thanks to the good deeds of Jamie Zoch (@Yofie) and @Bill Sweetman.



In October 2018, we broke the news that the View.com domain had changed hands. The name was purchased by View, a dynamic glass company that received $1.1 billion in funding in November 2018.

The company’s main website has now moved from ViewGlass.com to View.com, a domain that likely cost six- or seven-figures to acquire.


Formerly owned by @DomainSherpa and DNAcademy founder @Michael Cyger, Brew.com was sold in early November 2018 in a cash plus equity deal. The four-letter name was purchased by the team behind the successful BuyMeACoffee brand and is being turned into a standalone service alongside BuyMeACoffee.

Michael Cyger met the team at the Escrow.com offices to complete the deal.


The domain names that we’ve covered so far have had no pricing information available, meaning that their sales haven’t been publicly charted by NameBio or DNJournal. This name is different, however.

In October 2018, UserEngage paid $150,000 to upgrade to the User.com domain name, rebranding to User.com in the process. The company’s founder, Greg Warcheza, spoke to us about the purchase of User.com last year, detailing exactly why the company purchased the name.


Back in 2010, Google acquired On2, a small company that designed video codec technology. Formerly known as The Duck Corporation, On2 was purchased by the Internet giant for little over $124 million. The domain name Duck.com transferred to Google from On2 in the process.

For years, rival search engine DuckDuckGo has been trying to acquire the domain from Google, with DuckDuckGo’s founder even tweeting a plea in July 2018 (which was later deleted).

DotWeekly’s Jamie Zoch (@Yofie) first noticed the potential sale, with the domain moving out of Google’s possession in early December 2018.


Domain investor Andy Booth (@andyboothsi) acquired Jellyfish.com from Microsoft in 2017, and subsequently sold the domain to Internet Real Estate Ltd in an all-Bitcoin deal announced by Andrew Rosener on Twitter. A DomainSherpa review show clarified that the price paid was 12.5 Bitcoins.

According to DomainIQ’s WHOIS history, Jellyfish.com moved from GoDaddy to Tucows in November 2018 and started forwarding to the corporate website for Jellyfish, a global digital marketing agency that already owns domains such as Jellyfish.net and Jellyfish.co.uk.


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Keep up the good work of end user sales reporting!.

Favorites? Jellyfish. All such reports of these nice end user sales validate corp use and that aren’t reported sold for 6 figures then mysteriously parked.

Evidently these are actual real operating companies who bought to use them for websites.

J Sokol

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Mode is a German word

and it means = Fashion

No...English is a west Germanic language :)))


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Thanks for sharing.

All great names.

Duck is little cute and powerful

Andrew Knox

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Thanks James

great keywords!

Great domains. Not sure about great keywords or brands. Very hard to own such generic keywords from a branding perspective without affixing the .com imo... None of them show on the first page of Google for me except duckduckgo.com for "duck".