You know you're becoming a better investor when....

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    You know you're becoming a better domain investor when.....

    ~ Each year when renewals come up you look at some of your names and say "what was I thinking" Or... "what a waste"
    ~ Domains which were once your cherished possessions you now consider liquidating to invest elsewhere
    ~ You bypass domains on drop lists and in closeouts that you know might sell for a few hundred, in order to invest in names that you believe will sell for a few thousand
    ~ You begin glancing over your portfolio in awe like a fat kid in a candy store
    ~ You find yourself feeling sorry for others when you look at what domains they're spending their money on
    ~ You limit yourself to only registering a few "trending niche" domains because you remember how many you just dropped from the last "opportunity"
    ~ You wonder what some people where smoking when [email protected] emails you asking if you want to buy for a "small fee"
    ~ You begin to appreciate some domain spammers who try to sell you unregistered domains that you go and register yourself.
    ~ You've grown a portfolio to a size where you get 50-100 canned web development proposals a day
    ~ Your hand-regs get immediate hits as soon as you park them, and if they don't you know what you'll likely be dropping in 12 months.
    ~ 95% of your drops are picked up by HugeDomains
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    1- You don't need to name your domains as "Dictionary one's."
    2- You don't think as a domainer when investing.
    3- You're richer than you were before.

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