budget: above $1 WTB: BrandBucket Approved Domains

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Are you desperate to unload domains?
I'm buying DNs published at brandbucket.com!

  1. Only .com published on brandbucket.com
  2. Name must be appraised at $1000+ by BrandBucket
  3. Payments direct by PayPal only
  4. Domains on GoDaddy only for easy push
I'm paying 1% + $10 (your listing fee) of the BrandBucket listed price rounded to the nearest dollar.
(1% of $1500 [at BrandBucket] = $15 + $10 [listing fee] = $25)
* Pricing updated 9/22/15

Please send a PM only; do not list names ITT.

Budget $3000+. Considering as many as you have, so send them over!

Clearly not all names will be purchased, and again I'm only interested in names currently published on brandbucket.com with a logo.

Thank you!
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