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Content health and fitness unique article micro niche site. Adsense approved.

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4 is a premium site. It contains workout and fuel keywords in the domain name. Both of these keywords are known to everyone. Also, this is an exact match domain name site.


Domain Details

• Domain Name:

• Domain Registrar: GoDaddy Inc.

• Domain Reg. Date: 2022-01-15

• Domain Expiry Date: 2023-01-15

• Hosting provider: Host Europe GmBH

• Site platform: WordPress


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Keyword Details

• Workout search volume: 450 k to 1.1Million

• Workout fuel search volume: 2k to 25k

• Total Search results present on the net: 4.2 billion


Site scope

Don’t underestimate the power of this site. This site has more than 1.1 million monthly searches and 4.2 billion search results present on the net.

This site has a bright future. It has the chance of becoming worlds one of the most used sites on the net. First of all, this is a very good niche and secondly, it can help you for becoming a millionaire.

Fitness is a part of everyone’s life. Workout is an integral part of fitness. Every day billions of people search queries related to workouts. So, think even 0.1% of users from all search queries visit our site then how much we can earn.

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You are lucky because you are getting such a good niche site. It is an evergreen niche means its demand will not decrease anytime but it will increase with time.

Also, this is an SEO-friendly site. So, it will help you for higher rankings on Google. This is a perfect example of a micro niche website.

Do you know that Google prefers micro niche sites for first-page results? This site will make sure that you will always rank on the first page of google.

Why should you purchase this site?

• Premium Site

• Exact Match Domain

• Easy to remember

• Good niche

• More than 60+ AdSense approved articles

What will you get with this site?

• live site

• Huge Money-making opportunity and niche

• AdSense approved articles and site

GoDaddy Estimated Price

GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain provider and hosting company. They have a special tool that estimates the value of sites and domains.

GoDaddy estimated cost for our domain is more than $1160

According to GoDaddy, our site is valuable because

☑ Valuable Keywords: Workout is a High-value keyword that has an average sale price of $1850.

☑ Popular Keyword: Workout is a widely used keyword

☑ Memorable: is very easy to remember

History Of similar domains sold

• was sold for more than $15000

• was sold for more than $1850

• was sold for more than $1288

• was sold for more than $1088

• was sold for more than $1000

• was sold for more than $1500


Now you can understand the true power of this site. It is more valuable than it looks. Anyone who purchases this site will make a good amount of money.

How can you make money from this site?

1. Affiliate links: You can use any amazon or any other affiliate network. You have to just paste affiliate links in the article. Also, you can create articles about workout equipment and paste equipment links into them.
2. Google AdSense: Google AdSense is one of the most used and old methods of earning online money. We have good news for you. This site has already approved the Google AdSense articles. So, you can easily make money from it.

Make thousands of dollars per month or continue your 9 to 5 job. choice is yours

3. Promote affiliate products or E-books: In this method, you will promote affiliate products on the site. If you do proper work then you can make millions of dollars by using this method. This is the highest-paid method of earning money. You can get a 30 to 90 % commission on each sale. You can use ClickBank or Digistore24 for promoting products or any other network of your choice.
4. Post Ads: In this method, others will pay us for placing their ad on our site. We can place a custom ad on the sidebar, header, footer, or anything. This is also a good method of earning money.
5. Sell your products: Sell products Along with blog. You can use Alibaba for finding the products. This is one of the best ways of making money.

How can you grow this site?

1. Increase followers: Make as many as possible followers on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Followers are essential for all types of business. Give proper attention to this step.

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2. Run Ads: Run Ads on sites like Google AdWords, YouTube, and Facebook. You can make money faster by using this method as compared to other earning methods.
3. Engage the users: Try to engage as many users into the site because more users mean more peoples and more people means more money. Hence engage the users into the site.
4. SEO: As you know SEO stands for search engine optimization hence do proper SEO like On-page SEO and off-page SEO. This is an SEO-friendly site so it will help you for higher rankings on google.

Some Important point

Suppose you are promoting a workout product having a cost of $250. Assume we will get a 30 % commission when anyone purchases a product through our link (Promoted in Articles)

Suppose we get only 5000 visitors in a month and only 4 % visitors purchased product then,

= (5000 % 4) X (250 % 30) = 200 X $75 = $15000 or $15 per month

If we get 30000 visitors in a month and 5 % of visitors purchased product then

= 1500 X $75 = $11,25,00 or $112K Per month

This is only when we have considered only a few conversions. Think if we got more customers then how much we can earn.

You can earn as much you want. One more important thing is that we have not considered the other revenue sources like Google AdSense, Amazon affiliate & so on. If we consider all the income through all income sources then you are on the right path to becoming a millionaire.

Buy now and start making money.

Buy this site now. You can easily make 10 to 50 times more than your 9 to 5 job. So start from now you will get good results.


What is the name of the site?


What’s the niche of this site?

Ans: Workout

Who is the domain registrar?

Ans: GoDaddy Inc.

What are the reg and expiry dates of this domain?

Ans: 2022-01-15 & 2023-01-15

Is this a new site?

Ans: Yes. It is 1 month old

Is it a micro niche site?

Ans: Yes

Who is Hosting Provider?

Ans: Host Europe GmBH

Is it a WordPress Site?

Ans: Yes

Can I transfer this domain to another domain provider?

Ans: Yes.

Is this a micro-niche size?

Ans: Yes

I think I have given answers to all the questions still if you have any questions then feel free to contact me.

If you have any custom offers or want to buy this site now then contact me.
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