With Chinese pattern domains (not acronym) does the V (or vowels) really matter?

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    For a domain name to be a CHIP, the letters used should not be AEIOU or V as these letters cannot be used in acronyms to make up words in Chinese. However, with a pattern domain name does it really matter about the AEIOU or V? The value of pattern names is surely based on the repeating letters, and with no need or possibility to be able to make up acronyms for words.

    Such as or
    The "AAA" or "vvv" cannot be acronyms because they're 3 repeating letters, i.e. they're not and cannot be popular Chinese acronyms such as BJ (Beijing) and ZX (online). So they are surely sought after for the repeating letters, regardless if there's a "V" or not?

    Surely and would be valuable regardless of it being all V's or vowels, because it's a pattern not acronym usage/requirement.

    What do you think?

    Yes I have 5Lcom domain names with "V", which is partly why I ask this, but also in general because I see no reason why a domain not going to be used as an acronym needs to not have V or vowels.
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    I just got an offer (too low) from a Chinese buyer for a domain that has an E.

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