Why don't registrars sell domains on secondary market directly?

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    Here is an alternative to Sedo and Afternic. I'm not against them, but when people search for domains somewhere they should know a domain similar to what they are looking for is "available". I'm suggesting a domain MLS. SedoMls doesn't seem to be doing the same job. I asked everyone, everywhere, how SedoMls makes faster sale possible, noone seems to have any idea including Sedo. I mean, I need to see a concrete example. Only effect of Sedomls seems to be fewer visits so far. Also why is Sedo charging 20 percent for sedomls, while transaction becomes simpler with Sedomls: less work, more money; strange.

    How it will work: I will "surrender" my domain at my registrar and and attach a sale price. When it is at surrender stage I can't transfer or push it. (Un/)Surrendering requires multiple verifications, like email verification, or secondary password.
    When someone searches the term anywhere, it appears at all participating registrars as for sale and the price is shown, and immediate sale is possible. Registrars gets 10 percent commission in total. Everything is automatic. Registrars make money without work. Sellers sell domains 10 times faster, and buyers get good domains instead of junk domains.

    Why doesn't this happen?
    Most people don't seem to have a sense of premium domain. So when a one word .com domain sells for million dollars and it is in the news, this is good news even for non-com domains, and people start appreciating value of quality domains. A new domain is introduced, people buy abcinsurance.tld but insurance.tld remains available.
    If a domainmls like one I described above is created, then I will list some of my .biz domains for 7 figures, and people will say, wow, I didn't know .biz was so valuable... Maybe this is what .com lobby is fearing.
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    But the registrars are already serving 'suggestions' when the chosen name is taken. Like longer domains, variations, use of suffixes, and even alternative extensions.
    But an extension cannot easily be traded for another, if the .com is taken it doesn't mean I want the .biz or the .top or whatever, even for regfee.
    This is flawed thinking.
    Exposure is not the problem.

    How many .biz domains sold for 7 figures ? None. Just a very few sold for 5 figures. Almost all are worthless and plenty of good keywords are actually dropping aplenty.
    In fact, .biz is shrinking in numbers.
    The registrars could push .biz to the front window, people still aren't going to buy them like crazy.
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    You literally just described AfternicDLS. We have partnerships with 8 of the top 10 global registrars and send your inventory to their domain availcheck paths when one of their customers does a search. If a purchase is made we use our patented Fast Transfer system to instantly move the domain into the buyer's account as if it was purchased as a new registration.

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