Who is Best Seller Market place 2020?

Labeled as survey in Domain Buying and Selling Discussion, started by Maximinus, Mar 10, 2020



Who is Best Seller Marketplace 2020?

This poll will close on May 9, 2020 at 12:45 PM.
  1. Afternic

  2. Brandbucket

  3. Brandpa

  4. Dan

  5. Flippa

  6. NamePros

  7. Squadhelp

  8. None of the above

  9. I've never sold a domain

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  1. Maximinus

    Maximinus Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    Hello, domainers

    I am new to domaining.

    I've never sold a domain. All of my domains are still under 60 days lock. So for me the question is important.

    Instead of creating another poll for best registrar I am interrested in selling.

    Nowadays we can sell everywhere. Please, forgive me if I forgot any important market place for you.

    I will be happy if you consider timing, volumes, prices and commissions with sales examples in the comments.

    There are no voting restrictions of any kinds.

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  2. lock


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    Domain itself makes a difference to where it would receive the most attention on subject or brand.
  3. Cebe

    Cebe Established Member

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    in domaining not about market place but about quality domains. but you can check at about venue domain sold
  4. tonyk2000

    tonyk2000 Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    The poll is incomplete. Sedo is missed. Also, a number of registrars do also have marketplaces (Dynadot, Epik, Namecheap, Namesilo - in no particular order).
  5. Established Member

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    It depends on what you're selling, your price point and who your target market is. If you're selling at retail, you may have a better shot selling at brandable marketplaces. If you're listing your domains with retail pricing at marketplaces frequented mostly by domain investors, you'll have very low sales...if any.
  6. nikolasbp92

    nikolasbp92 Upgraded Member Gold Account

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  7. griff

    griff Upgraded Member Blue Account

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    if only one then Afternic purely because it will still end up getting you the most sales even without using their lander unlike the others (Sedo maybe on occasion)
  8. Established Member

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    Top Best based large network : Afternic and SEDO

    Top Best for internal registrar : Epik , Dynadot , Namesilo , Uniregistry Market, Godaddy Auction, And Namecheap

    Top Best for simplicity and fast payout : DAN

    Top Best For Platform Forum : Namepros

    Top Best on Another Category : SquadHelp, , and other

    Every domain marketplace really unique , so Its more difficult to compare them exactly. Whatever marketplace that we choose , we should to focus on selling and make a money and don't waste a time only to list in different venue
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  9. dncafe

    dncafe Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Afternic will get you the most exposure. Most of your $X,XXX domain sales are probably not going to be from domainers, they will be from end users who are not familiar with domaining and all these marketplaces. They've heard of the big domain registrars like GoDaddy, so they will go on there typing in different names and your name, that is listed on Afternic will popup
  10. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent VIP Gold Account Trusted Blogger

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    As pointed out, the poll options are incomplete. While the biggest omission is Sedo. Is GoDaddy meant to be included under Afternic?

    The registrar marketplaces are also missing. Domain sales regularly happen at Dynadot, Epik, NameSilo, Namecheap, etc. marketplaces.

    Also, it is hard to answer in general. The type of domain name and price level may make one venue better for one domain and a different venue for another.

    I think with many names listing them multiple places is the best thing to do, although as tools like Dofo get used more by end users that may be less necessary. And of course some venues require exclusivity.

  11. Maximinus

    Maximinus Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    Hello,Bob Hawkes

    I highly appreciate your contribution for this forum.

    I have and will learn a lot from your blogposts.

    Thank you!

    I have included in this pool ONLY the options which I personaly consider.

    I do not engage anyone to vote.

    For those who are unhappy with my choices "NONE OF THE ABOVE" is a great option.

    Please, don't call "incomplete" something that is complete for me!

    Best Regards,

  12. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent VIP Gold Account Trusted Blogger

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    Sorry if I seemed to come off as critical, that was definitely not my intention. And welcome to domain investing and to NamePros!

    I was just pointing out that, even if you view it as advice only for you (I did not read it that way, sorry for misunderstanding) that you might want to consider options not on your original list. As you say, people could vote none of the above. does a nice job above outlining how the answer could be different depending on your considerations.

    I think the answer depends on whether your goal is to quickly sell domain names to other investors at modest increases (say you buy a domain name for $20 and are happy to sell it for $75). If so, the registrar marketplaces work, as does NamePros. While Afternic is a great choice for many (see below) if you were selling at that level the minimum commissions would eat up a lot of your profits.

    If you are planning to buy a domain name for $100 to sell for $3500, and if it is a brandable name, then, despite their commissions, the brandable marketplaces makes sense. But keep in mind that odds are you will need to wait a long time for a sale.

    Afternic has the biggest network, so they do get traffic, independent of your landers being there.

    DAN are growing rapidly, innovating in a number of ways, and I think their is general agreement that their landers are outstanding. They also offer payment plans. Also, they have no minimum commission, and their 9% rate is less than Afternic and way less than the brandable places. People will mainly find your names by your lander being there (although general traffic on DAN is definitely growing).

    I hope you find one that is the right choice for you. By asking others to vote, they probably need to know a bit more though, if the poll is as you say intended only for you. For example:
    • Your names are under 60 day lock - does that mean they are hand reg?
    • Are they .com or something else?
    • Typically what price do you plan to ask?
    • Do you plan to use the landers at the marketplace?
    • Do your domains appeal to particular geographical areas?
    • Do you think payment plan option is important for sales of your names?
    • Do you want to use BIN or Make Offer, and do you think having agents involved would help close sales of your names?
    • Do you want to be able to include logos or other features in presentation?
    Anyway, best wishes in finding marketplace(s) that work for you. And welcome once more!


    PS Another way to get an answer to your question would be to browse the thread Report Completed Sales Here to see where people are selling names. While it is self-reported, and many do not report there, it does include venues that are not reported to NameBio.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2020
  13. Welberch

    Welberch Welberch, LLC VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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  14. Maximinus

    Maximinus Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    Thank you very much, for the deep answer, Bob Hawkes!

    I will start from the bottom:

    The thread "Report Completed Sales Here" is bookmarked in my Favorites!

    I am not using landing pages I only forward the domains to my portfolio marketplace.
    I am registering 95% Brandables, .COM only.
    I have barely created 2 private portfolio websites and a LinkedIn account in order to promote to Endusers.
    I have no experiance with domain sales, so "make an offer" is a more valuable option.
    I am registering human names for long therm profit sales and more practical ones in order to finance my endavor.
    I love creating logos and visions for future brands.

    I am hesitating pretty much between Dan and Afternic. in order to have my names listed publicly somewhere, as effortless as possible.

    I wonder is Dan or Afternic more popular for the Brandable domains endusers?

    Thank you very much for your help!

  15. BaileyUK

    BaileyUK Top Contributor VIP

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    "Who is the best seller market ??"

    The Seller market that represents the highest percentage of available Quality names for resale - end off
  16. wizard

    wizard Domain Wizard PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Afternic is the best place but try them all as you never know where you might get lucky !
  17. Internet.Domains

    Internet.Domains Top Contributor VIP

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    To get a more accurate reading it is best to hold a poll with unbiased leanings. Otherwise your basically just giving opinion rather than gauging what the community truly feels. IMO
  18. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent VIP Gold Account Trusted Blogger

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    Thanks for the background. So your own landers, gives you lots of flexibility. With 95% brandable, I think the big question is whether to go with a brandable marketplace (accepting high commissions and limitations on other listings) or go with a general place like Afternic. The brandables have the advantage that clients that go there are looking for a brandable name.

    If you are using your own lander, then I guess the marketplace is only doing two things for you. Completing the sale/transfer and bringing a bit more traffic. At a marketplace the potential buyer will find a huge number of other options beyond yours to possibly buy. Not arguing one way or the other.

    One advantage that Afternic has is a broad network of agents, speaking different languages, so that someone always answers the phone. For certain buyers this is an advantage. The link to GoDaddy adds name recognition.

    Hopefully some who actively use SquadHelp, BrandBucket, BrandPa will chime in with the experiences vs Afternic.

    If you do not go with a brandable place, I would list them at both Afternic and DAN from your list. I think more likely people will find them with Afternic network, but if you are using your own landers and directing people to close sale that is with lead significantly less expensive at DAN.

    Best wishes for success.

  19. BrandableDomain

    BrandableDomain Established Member

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    My preferred platform is the highly advanced Uniregistry Market.

    These results speak for themselves…

    Here is a summary of my 12 sales so far for 2020:

    10 Jan: $10,000
    14 Jan: $500
    20 Jan: $5,000
    27 Jan: $950
    31 Jan: $2,000
    4 Feb: $800
    17 Feb: $1,500
    25 Feb: $1,600
    29 Feb: $600
    29 Feb: $2,000
    6 Mar: $6,400
    10 Mar: $5,000

    YTD TOTAL: $36,350 (as at 11 March)

    My thanks go to the incredible Uni team!

    Here’s just one of the 12 sale emails I have already received from Uni this year:

  20. domba

    domba Hey I'am Famous ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Only at registrar marketplace

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