question Who do you follow on Twitter to stay up to date about domain industry?



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I've found that I can keep up just fine checking out domaining.com everyday.

That said I do have a twitter list that I organized when I first got into this, but have failed to keep it updated (although I follow new people all the time, I just forget to add them to the list)

I know most people have a love-hate relationship with Twitter, but personally I do find it a critical way to stay up to date in the domain world. Here are some of my suggestions of people to follow (listed with their Twitter handles)
  • DomainNameWire
  • NamePros
  • DInvesting
  • DNJournal
  • DomainIncite
  • NamesCon
  • TLDJournal
  • NameTalent
  • DomainGang
  • MichaelCyger
  • DNAcademy
  • AlanGDunn
  • JamesIles
  • KateBuckley1
  • MediaBrandingVP
  • DomainShane
  • OnlineDomainCom
  • DotWeekly
  • HandCraftedDomains
  • DomainNamesMatr
  • MorganDotLinton
  • JJStyler
  • PaulENicks
  • Jstenn13
  • DomainsEmpire
  • DoronVermaat
  • MichaelRLaw
  • AlvinBrown
  • JoshuaHReason
  • AndrewRosener
  • NZDomainer
  • GeorgeKirikos
  • Hypernames
  • NameAgency_com
  • DomainRecap
  • MrJagSingh
  • Sullys_Blog
  • TLDInvestors
  • RobMonster
  • DarrylLopes
  • AGreatDomain (me :xf.wink:)
My apologies for the many I have left off this list created off the top of my head.

I follow a large number (2000+ but not all domainers) if you want to browse my list for other people to follow. My Twitter handle is AGreatDomain.

The marketplaces, registrars, registries, services also good to follow.