Where were you 50 years ago when history was made?

Located in The Break Room, started by Mister Funsky, Jul 20, 2019


  1. Mister Funsky

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    50 years ago today, America successfully landed men on the moon.

    I was a very young boy but I knew it was a fantastic achievement. My family had been on vacation in Myrtle Beach and my father (for the first and only time I remember) actually broke the speed limit to get us home in time for us to huddle around the fancy new color tv he recently bought for the occasion (I was a little bummed out the first steps were in black and white

    So many people to thank...start with the tax paying citizens of the United States, the politicians that recognized the value in such an endeavor, a president with a vision, the real heroes of the day...the men and women of NASA and all those around the country lending their hard work and innovations to the program.

    Of course, not enough can be said of the men that risked (and gave) their lives in this amazing undertaking.

    We (citizens of the planet) owe so much to this program for the incredible advances in technology we enjoy and generally take for granted today. Thank you all for your efforts!

    So, were you alive when it happened? Did you watch it live? If so, where were you?
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  2. biggie

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    I guess....

    but how do we know that we didn't go farther than the moon, before the pyramids were built?

    or maybe we came from farther than the moon, before the history was erased

    still, consider all the junk left in space now
    much similar to the junk left in the oceans and seas of the world
    and the choken smog we put in the air

    take away all that technology and the world might be a healthier place to live

    but I guess, we taking space, the water and air, for granted.
    thinking the good times are going to last forever


    sorry, but my head is in the clouds of the future
    thinking more about 50 years from now, and if we still, will be?

    drops the mic and walks offstage

  3. Mister Funsky

    Mister Funsky Top Contributor VIP

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    Then you and I would be having to use snail mail rather than interacting at the speed of light.

    But yes, the planet would at least be a quieter place to pessimism makes me wonder if we will even recognize earth in 50 years...I think not.
  4. biggie

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    getting a card in the mail for birthday's, get well cards, Christmas holidays etc, still gives one a good feeling

    because you know they took the time to go out and select it, just for you.

    it also keeps the postal employees, employed. least until the drones and the robots take their jobs :)

  5. Bob Hawkes

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    Thanks for starting the thread, @Mister Funsky !

    I agree that it was a momentous achievement, one involving political and scientific vision, scientific expertise, hard work by many people, a shared sense of purpose, and the courage to risk failure or death to achieve something that would inspire generations. I think the speech 'we do it not because it is easy but because it is hard' by the late Pres Kennedy one of the most important speeches. It was nice that it was delivered to a largely youth audience as i understand it.

    I hope to see the day when people will again be on the Moon and hopefully on Mars as well, although that is an order of magnitude more challenging. It is incredible how much the space programs achieved 50 years ago with technology we would now regard as extremely primitive.

    I know we all look back somewhat with rose coloured glasses, but I yearn for the inspirational leadership committed to big ideas that seemed much more common in the world 50 years ago.

    You asked personally. I remember clearly where I was, at a family reunion event at a cottage by a river. Surprisingly, my uncle had a little TV connected to an antennae and we watched it together. Relatives I had never met before from western Canada were visiting that summer, it was just after my first year of university, and many new beginnings and positive outlooks.

  6. .X.

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    I was sitting on the front porch with my great grandfather in Mabank ,Tx

    my great grandmother came out and said she received a phone call from a friend in Dallas that a rocket had hit the moon lol, we sat out on the porch until 2am looking at the moon.
  7. Blitzpotz

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    I was a young boy of nearly five years. My dad and I were watching the moon landing the whole night on TV, live, sitting in the living room in our hometown Munich. We had a monochrome TV as colour devices have been too expensive then. There were three TV programs in Germany, in the South we sometimes were able to watch two more Austrian programs depending on the weather - remember it was terrestric broadcasting.

    I was so young but can remember the event. It was the start of a life period which was a happy one: Dad and I watched every boxing event, Ali vs Frazier, Ali vs Foreman, wow. Politics and society had been liberal, political populism was unknown in Europe. Men had long hair and giant burnsides, women weared miniskirts which produced first erotic emotions in a boy who was so small in height. I was not aware of the student revolution in Europe, of Vietnam, of the oil crises. And the RAF terrorism in Germany was just noticed as a vehicle to trade Terrorist-wanted posters against Comics. What a great innocent time that started with Mr. Armstrong and Co.

    I will probably watch mankind´s struggle to survive from above. And cry about those global warming naysayers, liars and idiots who missed the chance to reroute radically when there still was time to change.
  8. dande

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    I wasn't even conceived by then. Several years after, before I was born.

    Thank God for history

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