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  1. LadyHawke

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    Alright, before you roll your eyes and tell me to search the forums... I have searched and spent a lot of time on the forums already but am still feeling a little lost. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction or give me some kind of a game plan. I've got some domains I'd like to list for sale or auction. Couple of questions:

    • Should I list the same domain name for sale on multiple marketplaces (Sedo, GoDaddy, Undeveloped) or do I have to chose one?
    • I was a little disappointed that Flippa charges a fee just to list a domain.. are all of the platforms the same?
    • If I just bought a few domains on GoDaddy this week and want to list them, do I have to wait 60 days?

    Thank you in advance! :)
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  2. equity78

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    You want to list as many places as possible for the most eyeballs, be careful if you have buy it now on all marketplaces as you don't want the weird chance that the buy it now gets hit on two different marketplaces. Yes it's not something that happens often but you want to be aware of that. IF you do list buy it now each place, just make sure you immediately remove the name from every other site immediately.

    Other platforms do not charge, to list, Flippa has gone downhill for domain sales since @iHaveThisIdea left.

    You can sell domains right away, you would just make the seller accept a push at GoDaddy if you are unable to get the 60 transfer lock lifted.
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  3. FolioTeam

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    Yes, you can list simultaneously at Sedo, Godaddy and Undeveloped. But it's advisable to list a buy now price at only one venue. The rest can be listed as make offer.

    No, not all venues need a listing fee. Sedo, Afternic and Undeveloped are free to list. They only charge a commission when you sell. To list for Godaddy auctions, you will have to pay the $5 yearly fee.

    You can list a domain less than 60 days old. However, should it sell within that 60-day period, you cannot transfer out. You can only push the domain to another account within the same registrar. Like if the name is registered at Godaddy, you can only transfer it to the buyer if he/she has a Godaddy account or opens one
  4. LadyHawke

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    Thank you both so much! That's helpful :)
  5. Sedo

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    Good luck selling your domains! Ideally, of course, on our marketplace :) PS: We know that Buy Now domains sell faster than Make Offer domains, so be sure to set a price for your domain, if you list it with us. And yes, as previously stated, you need to make sure you remove your domains from your account if they get sold elsewhere, and you only have one venue where the domain has a BIN price.
  6. Ushanghai37

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    Active mailing to potential buyers also works. It is not only list the domain on sedo and godaddy and wait while praying

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