“Where do “they” get these preconceived notions that domaining is easy?”

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    Monday I wrote a post about one domain investor throwing in the towel on domain investing. The post has gotten a fair bit of engagement and a good discussion on Namepros. Longtime member and domain investor Biggie asked the question: where do “they” get these preconceived notions that domaining is easy, that you can make […]

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    They see reports like "" sold for 30 million. They don't see the hundreds of thousands of names getting regged and then dropped as there are no buyers.
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    I am often asked if i can teach domaining when after about 25 years I am still learning because there was no manual. I will say in a sales job if you fail you are fired quick i sold cars watched each week the hire and cull. I will suggest before you invest in domains have a go at sales of any kind you might find you cannot close a sale. Your going to need be a lot more confident in finding your buyer and what to say rather than a need to ask me.
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    I am going to add you going to need to back yourself up in a bet that your going to make profit on your decisions.this is the level your asking yourself as a domain investor. Nothing is going to be easy I often compare how hard long it would take to reduce a fleet of cars. Domaining is the most challenging thing i have taken on with my own wallet. I feel i need to create the market as thought up the name at times added strain over finding the name to suit customer.
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  5. Shamiul Alam

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  6. AEProgram

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    Domaining? Easy!

    Stock Trading? Easy!

    Buying a house no money down? Easy!

    Dropshipping business using shopify? Easy!

    Amazon FBA? Easy!

    Making a million on freelancing sites reselling junk? Easy!

    Starting a social media marketing agency? Easy!

    You know what's behind all this? The sale of making money courses.

    To start selling courses about anything is in fact EASY! And even before the internet that was a way many made money. Anyone remember the late night TV informercials that sold courses on placing classified ads? Buying homes no money down? Trend trading stocks?

    Big victims now are the people buying courses on how to trade stocks and make millions quick. Probably will create more bankrupt people than all other business opportunities combined. It's just glorified gambling for most people.

    My advice to someone that wants to get into domaining is to try selling other peoples good names first for a commission. Very few will have an interest in domaining once they try that.
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    I loved it whitelabel easy turnkey easy.
  8. Bob Hawkes

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    Thanks for article, @equity78. I liked the ending lines below. I think starting with a goal like that, a very modest, and realistic one, and realizing like you said earlier that even if this is a hobby treat it seriously, do the learning, do the research, have a plan. If you have success and want to make it more, build it slowly.
    "Shane Cultra talked about how he just wanted to make a few bucks, maybe pay for his Internet. If you like it and have some success you can take the next step. Full time domain investing is not for most people."
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    Domain names will be sold via youtube via domain name owners paying vanlife youtubers eg rv youtubers in the states almost a weekly wage to display their domains in front of their audiences of 10,000 - 20,000 ish views per video weekly which would cost much less than domain name marketplace s or brokers commission

    Example of a youtube channel selling products which in this example is narrowboats eg a uk current hot trend


    Narrowboat vlogs

    In to youtube and youll see 100s of narrowboat youtube channels etc

    But a great youtube channel is selling narrowboats like hot cakes but almost no selling required because the person just calmly explains in detail everything a potential buyer would want to know with an easy on the eye video throughout the boat etc and the boat usually sells within a few days to a week etc

    But domain names could easily be sold the same way with no commission costs to the domain name seller they only need to explain their domain name for sale and even do a trademark check during the video etc and an estibot valuation during the video etc and youtubers would probably trademark check the domain name during the comments of the video etc

    But the domain name industry is still effectively a digital currency that cant be spent by 99% of the domain name investing community
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    Very good,
    thank you

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