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I have been reviewing back the Top 2020 Published Sales and looking into more details of who owns them and what is there current status, Developed, Parked, Forwarded, Not Resolving, For Sale etc...

The sales prices are publically available information published by Ron Jackson on DN Journal - The 20 domain names listed below sold collectively for $7,301,958 USD, again note these are only the publically published sales many domain names sale are never published due to NDA that are in place.

Details of the 20 domain names listed below are as follows, Developed - 8, Not Resolving - 6, For Sale - 3, Forwarded - 1, Parked - 1, Restricted Access - 1.

Details of the 20 domain names by extension - 17 were TLD's Dot Com .com Domain Names, 2 were CCTLD's Dot Co Dot UK & 1 was a GTLD .app

See more of the details on Robbies Blog
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