What would you like to see in a domain sales/brokerage platform?

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  1. poweredbyme

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    @Bonsu, while I agree email verification is a must for entirely technical reasons, am strongly against to further verifications. Privacy is a huge concern for too many people all around the World. You can find only a few persons who don't mind verification requirements of online companies.

    Additionally, if the buyer doesn't pay it's not a problem. As a solution marketplace should set a time limit for payment like 1-7 days. That's it. It's not the end of World if a buyer wastes my 1-7 days. It's the nature of all online purchases. Further verifications can't help anyone. If you have all the details of the buyer, can you sue a person on the another continent for not paying in time? It would need too much time and money even if the buyer is in the same country. What will you do if buyer provides valid reasons for not paying in time? Nothing. It's not worth. You can't know why a buyer doesn't pay in time.

    The best solution for your problem would be to set BIN only and preventing ability of making offers, at least for the domains on marketplaces. Verifications don't help anyone, will only keep many potential buyers away from such marketplaces.
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    Is there a way to see the amount of outbound emails NameSilo sent on behalf on ones domain.

    For instance:

    From a domain owner/seller/buyer perspectives, it would be interesting to know how many of these emails went out. This might help some gain more insight to the value of their domain and/or could contribute to smarter pricing and/or better renewal insights. Citing privacy issues?, It might not be possible for you to release a list of the email addresses whom were sent an email?

    I'm also wondering what other metrics trigger an emailed notification. Should the domain be priced at a lesser amount, would the same emailed list receive a latter update? Or is it one time initial listing only?

    Also, what about domains on a watch list but not bid on, would that trigger an email if put back on the market?

    Thank you in advance.
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  3. handpicked

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    (1) Extend affiliate programs to marketplace / premium domains (with CJ like GoDaddy) to enable bloggers to route prospects and create business plus earn some commission.
    (2) Re-design the site (looks dated)
  4. Andrew Knox

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    Allow for Epik style leasing.
  5. namesilo

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    Thank you all for your valuable feedback, our entire team is tremendously appreciate.

    We are diligently working to integrate as many of the suggestions as possible (if not in the first version, we'll look to integrate them in future versions). Unfortunately, some of the suggestions like Bitcoin payouts, will not be able to be integrated off the bat due to security and fraud concerns but we will revisit them again in the future.

    If any of you would be interested in becoming beta testers for our new platform, please send us an email at [email protected] with your NameSilo account details and our team will follow up accordingly.
  6. varmuk

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    Please make domain ownership verification easy, if possible for bulk domain submission.
  7. Sheogorath

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    Well, it would have been nice to see if a marketplace will finally try to reach out to end users by doing outbound marketing.
    Free of charge but if the domain sells then the marketplace receives an extra commission.
    That way the brokerage team of the marketplace don't handle only the super premium, like but also lower value domains.
  8. gipson

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    I think an important feature is get information from visitors, buyers.

    Origin of visit

    Unique or returned visits

    That would be just great.

    As it happens in Domainagents

    If in the first negotiation you do not agree on the final price, you can contact in the future.
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  9. Rob Monster

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    Has anyone used this:

    We just acquired it from Troy Rushton. Wondering what people think of it. It has quite a large social following, and we think maybe it is an platform to build on.

    Also, what about a migration script that goes into your DNS / Uni account and mines it? I am thinking about people who have a lot of legacy data in their DNS accounts.
  10. Rob Monster

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    What about a master of deadbeats, fraudsters, and non-payers? We use a service call Maxmind that roots a lot of these folks, and we use for ID verification. However, there is the issue of the really sophisticated scammers and people who do chargebacks with valid cards. We had 4 cases like that in India last month. I am thinking about a searchable database where these folks that refuse to clean their messes can be found and shunned.
  11. ddzc

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    If you can help bring in targeted traffic and leads, then you've built something which stands out from the rest.

    All of these existing platforms want you to list the domain and then ask for you to change the nameservers to theirs, in order to accept inbound inquiries LOL. It's the oddest model I have ever seen. Why should I pay you a commission to send a few emails back and forth, you've done no work in my eyes. All of my domains are forwarded to my own landing pages with contact forms and I easily negotiate and close all inbound leads myself, without having to pay a commission. I built the website in a day. Done.

    If you can integrate and build something which bring in leads and traffic, then I think you will crush all of the platforms on the market.
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