What would you like to see in a domain sales/brokerage platform?

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  1. namesilo

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    Hello NPs,

    We are in the process of building out a standalone domain sales/brokerage platform. As such, we would appreciate your feedback to understand the biggest pain points with current solutions in order to build something which better fits your needs.

    Specifically, we are curious to know what exactly you would like to see on the personal dashboard? (i.e. counts of inquiries vs previous period, current sales vs. past periods, count of domains listed for sale as BIN, how many unconfirmed inquiries etc).

    Thank you in advance for your feedback.
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  2. Promxy94

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    Bitcoin cash out from your market place, number of visits on the domain should be seen from the dashboard.
  3. eurorealtor

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    Broker platform? How about work as a real broker, who is actively looking for buyers?
  4. manpreet

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    Personal Dashboard - counts of inquiries vs previous period, current sales vs. past periods, count of domains listed for sale as BIN, how many unconfirmed inquiries etc - this all sounds good!
  5. domainventure

    domainventure Top Member VIP

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    You should have a better inquiry management system. Under the current scenario, we get an offer, we make a counter and have to wait for the buyer prospect to either counter the counter or reject. There is no mechanism for you to talk to the prospect one more time and see if there is a possibility of a sale, by reducing the price. A system like Godaddy where you could revisit an offer and rekindle a "dead" lead.
  6. ollybod

    ollybod Established Member

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    Good sales page
    Dashboard showing number of domain, revenue, domain visit, and of course bitcoin payment
  7. Silentptnr

    Silentptnr Top Member VIP

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  8. imadoer

    imadoer Top Member PRO VIP

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  9. Embrand

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    Does standalone mean it will not be a part of the current NameSilo marketplace? I actually think the marketplace is already very good. What I miss is SSL for the sales landers and the possibility of up to 24 months of installments instead of just 12 months like now.
  10. domainventure

    domainventure Top Member VIP

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    I am not able to edit my previous post. Just to be clear, just the ability to revisit old leads/offers would be good, otherwise the marketplace is very good.
  11. offthehandle

    offthehandle . Gold Account VIP

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    Spend money on Google adwords so it will be found easily, work on SEO and publicity on places like Techcrunch, the goal being true medium to large size corporate end users will find it and buy, inquire or bid. A high end sort of Classifieds or “Craigslist” of Domains. Paid ad placement by registrants for more exposure. Do not target Domainer to domainer sales, but like Brandable marketplaces looking for end users. If auctions, Do not allow any API bidding.
  12. BrandFactory

    BrandFactory Account Auto-Closed

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    Lower fees, better broker, advanced stats, fast with less bugs and zero shutdown, high level flow in ui and ux ^^
  13. Mister Funsky

    Mister Funsky Top Member VIP

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    I want the ability to offer, on the same white label page, 4 options. They are: 1) Fixed purchase price. 2) Fixed term lease without purchase. 3) Lease with purchase option. 4) Month to month rental.

    The ability to add a 'sales' pitch with or without video/pics.

    An area for parking revenue or fixed ads whether provided by you or choice to add my own (an agreement I would secure with outside vendors) ads that would/could override those provided by the system.

    Parked page visits, who is inquiries, market visits and WHERE they come from (ie country, source, search engine, etc).

    A sales commission not to exceed 7% (even lower if 'x' volume of names are offered/parked or a specific dollar amount volume of sales are reached).

    Secure landing pages...all of them, all the time.

    An absolute white label landing page. To be specific, a landing page with no reference to namesilo other than a small spot in the lower corner that says "this landing page is powered by: ". It is important that there is no clutter or confusion to anyone spending 3.8 seconds scanning the MUST be clean and to the point. The reward for ns would be the commission on the sale and the 60 day not offer them the chance to look for another name other than the one they typed in.

    That's all I have now...time to get in a domainer nap before getting back to it.
  14. Domains Ted

    Domains Ted Established Member

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    I would like to give 4 points

    01. Proper domain name for your domain sales / brokerage platform.
    02. Maximum exposure to domains.
    03. Display of domain names should simple and maximum period of time.
    04. Displaying charges should be zero or minimum.
  15. carob

    carob Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Would like ability to install Google Analytics.
    Would like to set currency on per domain basis.
    Would like to set fixed price with or without make offer on per domain basis, not just globally.
    Ability to set installment period on per domain basis, up to 24 or even 48 months.
    Effective bulk editing tools.

    As others have said, SEO so landing pages appear in searches, one competitor is doing this remarkably better than all the others.

    This sounds good, thanks for asking for input.
  16. carob

    carob Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Re brokerage, if that means NS or agents handling enquiries, I would like that to be transparent the way it is at Uniregistry - there you can see in full all broker interactions with clients.

    At Afternic brokers stuff happens that you never even see which is not good.

    Also Uniregistry have nice reminder systems and stock replies if you use it on a self-brokered basis.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2019
  17. topdom

    topdom Established Member

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    STATS (visits and offers)

    Stats, after removing bot visits.
    Sedo's stats are not too bad. You can use that kind of thing, plus show today's stats as well, and also show IPs. And each IP can have a link to its IP check.
    Offer IPs and company names can also help.
    I bought a casino domain which didn't have high appraisals, or any backlinks, but brings hundreds of visits per day with no clicks (when clicks are possible). No buyers, no clicks, but can those visits be real, and indicate that there may be buyers with deep pockets: I have no idea. If stats show me that kind of information it would be very useful.


    Currently Namesilo listings expire after a while. Sometimes I prefer that listings remain unchanged unless I modify them or domain goes into redemption, pending delete states, or drops. If this is not done, I prefer that listings turn into make offer.



    Familiar companies are trusted more. You can create a new logo, put it into left top corner, praise it in some way, like top rated Icann accredited registrar in small letters. Add logos of payment types.



    You can allow some text and images. Allow more text or better images for established sellers.



    Cache's should be reset after each change. Can some people abuse this then? Then you can block
    too frequent changes. For example price changes from 500 to 501 and back to 500 every second: this kind of activity can be punished. In my experience cache updates can take too long, for example I can change price from 100 to 1000, just before contacting a potential buyer. Then buyer visitis the domain and sees 100 as price, and when he clicks buy , either he sees a broken link, or that price jumps to 1000. No purchase is possible in such a case. Caches should be in harmony with our outbounding efforts.



    Subdomains and all other urls should point to the root domain. Currently only root domain and www are allowed, all others give error. This can be fixed but can take time and effort and knowledge even for one domain.
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  18. BMWMotoRider

    BMWMotoRider Established Member

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    I agree with this 7% or lower commission. Can you imagine paying a realtor 20% commission on your home sale? This is an area ripe for modification.
  19. BMWMotoRider

    BMWMotoRider Established Member

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    FYI: Though not a brokerage platform, I have Google analytics access on my listed for sale names.
  20. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent Gold Account VIP Trusted Blogger

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    Are domain names for sale on NameSilo listed on Dofo? I am not sure, but NameSilo not indicated - Sedo, Epik, Afternic, GoDaddy, Uniregistry, DAN/Undeveloped, Dynadot are and you need to be too. I think increasingly those looking for domain names will go to Dofo to see what is for sale.

    I already like much that you are doing - nice landers, reasonable commissions, flexibility in description length, good prices for those who want to keep domain on your platform, payment plans, etc.

    I too would be interested in longer term payment plans and rental.

    Thanks for opportunity to provide input.

  21. Mister Funsky

    Mister Funsky Top Member VIP

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    Just wondering if you (namesilo) are looking at this thread...if so, are any of the things members suggested on the drawing board?
  22. AGAME

    AGAME Gold Account VIP

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    Be different from the rest, be a leader -- accept a down payment/deposit/earnest money when the buyer agrees to purchase a domain.

    No one else does this and if you're building your own system you have a chance to separate yourselves from the rest.

    That down payment would serve as a deterrent to a buyer that, for example, places bids and agreeing to purchase 5 domains from 5 different sellers but only following through on one. Or a buyer, for example, that agrees to purchase and domain with the nefarious purpose of taking the seller's name off the market for several weeks while the marketplace (you) and the seller wonder where is the payment, where is the buyer, and why the buyer went silent before finally cancelling the agreement and relisting the domain on the marketplace. The seller loses out on that deal. There are a lot of threads on this forum where sellers are fed up about non-buyers.

    A down payment would pretty much end that and there is no reason a serious buyer would not agree to a non-refundable deposit.

    What about those who want to make an offer on multiple domains? Thats fine and standard business practice. Making offers does not equal legally binding oneself to exchanging money for that domain name. If the buyer makes an offer and the seller accepts the offer then the next thing that should happen is the buyer should be presented with the agreement to purchase form with down payment amount and method of funding that down payment. OR if the buyer sees a BIN and clicks "purchase", then likewise the buyer should be presented with that agreement + down payment request.

    When the down payment is made the buyer will have a certain time to complete the purchase (agreed price less the down payment). However, until that down payment is made the domain should remain available for offers from others potential buyers and not taken off the market.

    That down payment will separate the tire kickers and scammers in this industry from the serious buyers. A serious buyer will lay out some percentage right then at the moment they click BIN or "agree to purchase" after a negotiation. A BIN should not mean a "buy it maybe". The down payment can go 100% to the seller or be split in some percentage between the seller and the marketplace - I dont know how that should be worked out.

    When people purchase homes they need to put down earnest money and they will lose that earnest money if they back out of the deal just because they feel like walking away and never responding to the seller's agent. The same should occur in domain name purchases. Buyer's need to do their due diligence ahead of time and when they agree to purchase they should move quickly with their payment or down payment if it may take a few days to get the rest of the money to finalize the deal.

    Bottom line - be a leader and do something no other market place (that I know of) does and require a down payment for purchases.
  23. frank-germany

    frank-germany domainer since 2001 / musician Gold Account VIP

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    concentrate on registrar business

    now lower your prizes ...

    make the grace period longer for standard renewal fees

    make the auth code function after expiry
    as requested per ICANN
  24. poweredbyme

    poweredbyme VIP

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    Payouts in crypto currencies. This is the most important one.

    Remove the current restriction on editing listings in the last 2 days
    Show traffic info to buyers based on seller preference. Develop a script that will report you traffic of the domains that are hosted elsewhere.
    Add developed domains (websites) and extra search criteria for websites
    Add more options to email notices. I don't need to know each time when my listing ended and restarted based on my preference.
    Extend auctions 1 hour after the last bid
    Add language and number of words to search criteria.
    Add search volume and some basic SEO parameters to search criteria
    Buyers should be able to ask questions directly to sellers before and after making offers/bids.
    Namesilo is the only one company I know that requires credit card pictures. Stop it.
    First offer of buyer must be optionally valid for 3-14 days, first counter offer of seller must be valid for 2-7 days, other consequent counter offers must be valid for a fixed 24 hour with no option.

    Don't change the current good things:
    Keeping private old sales data, seller-buyer country, email addresses and names.
    auto restarts of listings based on seller preference,
    noticing the old bidders, previously interested persons about updates on listings,
    free email forwarding,
    free private whois,
    free marketplace listing,
    no minimum fee,
    low % fee,
    timely, predictable payouts,
    watch option for potential buyers and email notices on watching domains,
    BIN price on expired domains

    Lastly, many thanks for not getting excessively greedy.
  25. Bonsu

    Bonsu Established Member

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    Fully in support of this. Also, before a buyer makes an offer he should feel his details and the marketplace should confirm if the details are genuine.
    From my experience with 3 failed negotiations in a marketplace where buyer did not honor agreement, the reason given by the marketplace is that when they tried to follow up they found out the email/phone number was not correct.

    Too bad.....

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