What Type of Domain Do Chinese Top 100 Websites Favor?

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    Chinese Top100 Websites and Their Domains

    Pinyin domains in TOP100

    Pinyin is a tool to pronounce Chinese characters, which is useful in learning and using Chinese characters and also has far-reaching influence in the domain name industry and Chinese Internet industry. Pinyin domains accounts for 28% in the Chinese website TOP100 list.They are

    the No.1 domestic market search engine, has 170 million daily independent visit,, and popular video sites, tool site, richest Internet company in China,, , and so on.

    Numerical domains in TOP100

    7 numerical domains are listed on TOP 100. The following list was sorted according to the rankings from high to low: 1., 2. “king of domain” Cai Wensheng’s

    minigame site, sharing site, 4. enterprise email, 5.58. com, 6. China Mobile, 7. controversial and popular internet security guard,

    Two-letters domains

    Short letter domains are also popular with the domestic enterprises and 4 two-letter domains are in the Chinese site Top100 list., brand and domain complement each other, with unlimited magic, making the company Tencent as a crazy money spinner. JD.COM- professional comprehensive online shopping mall, sells over tens of thousands of brands, 40.2 million kinds of goods, including home appliances, mobile phones, computers, clothing and other 13 major categories. The third is which is associated with The fourth is China Economic Net ( China Economic Net officially launched on July 28th, 2003, and it currently has China, world, business, life, entertainment, sports, insight, video, photo, special coverage sections which cover

    the macro economy, wealth, consumption, the stock market, the foreign exchange, banking, insurance, agriculture, energy, real estate, cars, home appliances, communications, IT, food and other areas of economic life, daily releasing about 10000 pieces of news.

    Creative Domains Are Competitive

    Domain type diversifies and creative domain names also account for a great market share. "So" homophonic domain type (搜which means searching sounds like so), there are 搜搜(, 搜狐(, 搜狗(, 搜库( Pinyin + number type, there are hao123 (, 酷6网(, 精品网页游戏平台( Pinyin/ letters + English word type, there are,, etc.

    In Conclusion

    In domestic website Top100 list, Pinyin domain name and creative domain name occupy the largest market share, especially pinyin domain name. Within a period of time in the future, pinyin domain names will still play the most important role in the Internet industry since the Pinyin conforms to the Chinese people’s thinking, memory and input habit. At the same time, short numerical domain name, the letters domain name and English keywords domain name also have a certain market share. Creative domain name market share couldn’t also be underestimated, such as the 3 "so" domain names.


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    Well researched article. Thank you @Cynthia
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    Another GREAT article-thank you! Cynthia-it's interesting to see the english words along with the .cn we happen to own a few but we also own As a rule im not big on anything other than .com or .cn but I think .ch could catch on in China with the right numerics/keywords. we'll see! Again,thank you!
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    let's give it more confidence. Thanks for supporting!

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