What is the best Registrar currently in your opinion?

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Most of my domains are at Epik and I'm having a lot of issues with renewing domains. It's been taking about 3 weeks or more to renew them. I've read the other threads here about Epik and can honestly say I'm having a lot of the same issues. Several of my domains were also not renewed and were picked up on the drop by another registrar. I got refunded the renewal price, but that's pretty jacked up.

I'm moving all of my inventory to another Registrar. Do y'all have any suggestions on a Registrar that is worth a damn?
I'm also not very happy with GoDaddy, so I won't be transferring them there either, due to issues that I've had with them in the past.
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Dynadot, NameSilo, and Porkbun my top-3 in that order.
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NameSilo - They have a very good reputation, they are a serious company. They have decent prices: not the cheapest, but also not the highest. They are very secure, they've never been hacked as a whole (I don't refer to individual accounts, when it's the user's fault). I know them for a long time, and never heard something bad about them. I really trust them, and I prefer to pay +2USD per domain and stay with them knowing that I won't lose my domains, than to go to the cheapest registrar. The only minus would be that their site is slow from time to time, but I can live with that (maybe they will fix this also, tho).
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For me.....
Porkbun and really loving Spaceship so far!
Dynadot next
Dynadot is great for domain investors.