What is residential Proxy? What are its advantages?

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What is static residential IP proxy?

Proxy is a special kind of network service. In popular terms, it is the proxy as a transit. The IP of the static residential proxy is the intermediary IP address hosted on the data center but registered with the ISP. The static residential proxy provides good anonymity, has a real IP address officially assigned by the ISP, and is stable, fast, and difficult to detect.

Compared with the ordinary what is the difference?

At present, the price of the global static residential IP proxy on the market will be much higher than that of the ordinary data center proxy, but this is not IQ tax, but indeed more useful, obvious advantages:

1, provide high anonymity, improve the security of network use;

2, the exclusive static residence proxy can avoid conflicts with other IP addresses, can be used for registration, etc.

3. Compared with dynamic residential proxys, static residential proxys have more accurate geographical location information;

4, generally speaking, the speed will be faster than dynamic residential proxys;

5, the use of fixed IP address, not easy to be restricted because of IP address hopping;

6, bypass some site restrictions, normal access to the network.

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