What is going on with Uniregistry?

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I used to have domains with Uniregistry (I still have an active account with them but no domains in there at the moment).

I used to do the following at times:

- go to
- put in a name I hold without the extension (for example Atlantis)
- look at the stats = how many times is 'Atlantis' registered and with which extensions, which ones are listed for sale and for how much etc.

Now it's been weeks when if you enter anything into their 'Find that perfect domain.' window, it just comes back with:

This domain name is taken in all extensions, please try another!

I tried this in Inognito mode also and same result but I don't think they blocked me (my IP) because I don't do this excessively = I run through a few names once every 2 months or so.

This has been down for weeks now. Are you able to duplicate the problem and would anyone have any suggestions on where else I can get this same type of information for free? It is useful when I'm pondering whether or not to renew a domain.
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Hi Allysin,
Uni is being migrated to GoDaddy ( - this month, remaining accounts and domain names at Uni are being migrated to GoDaddy. After that, and the Uni App will close.

A good indicator of domain availability/popularity could be found by using or I've used both - for domain popularity (how many TLDs a name is taken in), I prefer dotdb.
Thank you James Iles.
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