What happened to numerics?

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    I've been gone from here for awhile. I had dumped all of my numerics awhile ago and took a break from domaining. After looking at the auctions, apparently it wasn't a bad move. I'm a little shocked at what happened to the prices in numerics. Seems that prices have dipped by around 75%.

    I always said that greed is your worst enemy in domaining. It's your worst enemy in every area of business.

    Who knows.... maybe prices will go up again in the future. My fear would be that it will get worse in around 6 months when renewal time hits, and then the prices may rise again after that period and maybe around next December.

    I was cringing when people started pushing the 7n .com buyout.
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    Its not that simple. It seems that good patterns and repeats have gone up, but everything else is under the floor. It seems people are just selling the worst and keeping few gems.

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