What domain names do these 11 new unicorn companies use?

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    The unicorn companies refer to those new startups with evaluations over one billion. There are 11 unicorns born in the first season of 2016. Let’s have a look at their choices of domain names.


    Launched in June 2014, Dada focuses on the solution for the last 3 miles delivery for O2O service. Now they have more than 900k verified couriers and provide service for more than one hundred O2O platforms.

    Now they own domain names of,, and The domain name is also protected.

    Cainiao Logistics

    Cainiao Logistics is the logistics company under Alibaba. With the ambition of building a logistics network as the electricity, gas and water, they wish to establish a network of information and logistics for cross-border transactions, express, warehouse, countryside market and terminal distribution.

    At present, Cainiao Logistics has already protected, and

    Skyscanner –

    Skyscanner is a global search engine that enables people to find comparisons for flights, hotels and car hire. Its Chinese site is named Tianxun. Now it has already protected and

    Shopclues – is an e-commerce company in India, aiming at helping medium and small business to trade online. They focus on selling commodities with no special brands.

    Anaplan –

    Anaplan is a cloud-based business modeling and planning platform for sales, operations and finance. The function of anaplan is much more powerful than Excel. In additional to, they also have protected the domain name

    Forescout Technologies –

    Forescout Technologies is a network security company provides its clients with security solutions. Now they own CounterAct which can dynamically identify and evaluate network devices and applications the instant they connect to an organization’s network. They use the domain name and

    Mindmaze –

    This company is a virtual reality and neuro technology company isolated from ETH Zürich. MindMaze has developed a breakthrough platform to build intuitive human machine interfaces combining virtual reality (VR), computer graphics, brain imaging & neuroscience. The .ch domain name is the ccTLD for Switzerland.

    Africa Internet Group

    It is the first unicorn company in Africa. It has 71 subsidiaries across 26 countries in Africa. It has business in real estate, reseller, travel industry and others. The official website domain name is, but many relevant domain names have not been protected yet. was established in 2005 in the Middle East. It is the largest e-commerce platform in the Arabian world and is called Amazon in the Middle East. It provides a category of more than 400k commodities to over 24 million clients. also owns the domain name

    Mercari –

    Mercari is a second-hand stuff transaction platform. From the luxurious bags to toothpastes, you can find all kinds of commodities on This is also the first independent unicorn company in Japan.

    Mercari used the domain name at first. In April, 2015, they purchased at Sedo for $109,000.

    Garena –

    Garena was established in 2009. Garena has grown swiftly to become a leading platform provider for online PC and mobile digital content, eCommerce and payments across Asia, serving millions of users. They have protected the domain name as well.

    From the above cases we can see that all these unicorn companies would choose the domain name consistent with their brand. Most of them have the awareness to protect relevant domain names as well.

    Most of the companies have chosen .com domain names. Only Dada and Mindmaze choose ccTLD. Still mainstream domains dominate the end users’ choices.

    The domain names are attached with significant importance to the business in the internet world. They are the intangible assets of the companies. For the companies with long-term consideration, it is necessary to choose a suitable domain name for the business.
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    Really interesting, thanks for sharing the compilation. I didn't know of most of the companies but also hadn't realised big SkyScanner had become... Use the site quite regularly.
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    I know about shopclues and skyscanner only. Thank you for sharing.

    Curious to know about the purchase prices of these domains.
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    I will share with you once I got to know the prices.:D

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