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I'm always interested in the niches people focus on when buying domains. As a hobbyist, I pretty much focus on one word generic domains with very broad appeal, or the occasional high quality 4l pronounceable. I also stick firmly to .com, org and io.

I'm always intrigued by those that are willing to be more precise with their intended buyers, and often watch in amazement as domains I wouldn't dare touch sell for significant sums.

So, what are your niches? Do you have any specific industries you target, or do you experiment with lesser known extensions?

My only real foray into more focused selling was with .co.uk (which is my own country). However, I found the reduced market size hard to contend with, plus the reseller market very inconsistent. Hence my retreat back to globally recognised extensions.
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I find Emerging Technologies the way to go, to me its the best way to get get strong keyword names in a specific tech before other people do by following all the latest emerging tech, then you sit on the names until the tech become mainstream and then sell them. Had a lot of success in the cloud niche between 2010 and this year and now I'm getting some nice offers in the VR, AR, Robotics, Drones and Holo niches as well.

I have sold mainly .COM and .DE.......but also the odd .com.au, .co, co.uk, .nl etc


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This is a cool thread. I’ve only sold a handful of domains having started 5 months ago but I’ve had offers on more that have come to nothing. The first month was a dud, as with most newbies! I didn’t have much money to play with at the time, so good names in established niches such as CBD, crypto etc were hard to come by cheaply. I realised that researching and really getting to grips with potential future niches with a degree of certainty that they’ll follow through is a good tactic. I’m currently invested mostly in psilocybin related names which I’ve had offers on, along with CBG and the odd long hold that will remain to be seen!

It’s great when you can pounce on something that few others have noticed, there’ll always be the early birds.

Cheers :)


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Personally, I focus on Finance, Investment, Legal, Loan .com’s. The end users in these Industries can have deep pockets I.e. Banks, Brokerage Firms, etc. The trade off is that they usually have worked hard to establish their brand and thus, have a hard time understanding generic names. I used to do 1 year registrations, but learned it’s way too short a time period. So, if I want to buy a name, I have to justify wanting to secure 2 yr+ registration costs.
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